Guava Weight Loss

Guava Weight Loss

Guava weight loss – real or not? Guava and weight loss – what do they have in common? Apparently, guava promotes weight loss, or so some claim. There are a lot of so-called super fruits out there that allegedly can help us lose a lot of weight. Is guava more powerful than, say, clenbuterol? No, it is not. Side note: I do not think you should use clenbuterol to lose weight, because it is very dangerous and has a lot of nasty side effects.

Guava is not dangerous and it does not have nasty side effects, but can it really help you lose 40 pounds in 1 month? Can guava help you lose 20 pounds in 1 month? There are plenty of claims that it can help you lose around 20 pounds in just one month. What do I personally think about guava’s weight loss powers? I am very skeptical. Do not get me wrong. I love guava. It is delicious, as a fruit, but in a supplement form, it is just another supplement.

Some claim that guava contains a lot more antioxidants than apples, pineapples and other fruits, which, if true, is a good thing, but I am not sure I understand how a greater amount of antioxidants helps burn more calories. I do not think it does.

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