Grilled Chicken Salad: McDonald’s vs. Wendy’s

Grilled Chicken Salad: McDonald's vs. Wendy'sA few days ago, I was standing on a corner of 24th Avenue and “I am in hell”. I was hungry – had no snacks with me, and I was running late for an appointment.

I was facing a dilemma: should I stay hungry for another three hours? Or should I get something to eat? My body was screaming for some food, so staying hungry was not a good option.

I looked around, and there they were – McDonald’s and Wendy’s – just a block away from were I was standing. I have not had chicken in a while, so despite grilled chicken-cancer scare, I went to Wendy’s and ordered Mandarin Chicken Salad.

Did I make a good choice? Who cares? The taste was pretty good. I satisfied my hunger and potentially prevented my metabolism from slowing down. When faced with hunger pains, my rule is simple – eat something!

Still, did I make a good choice? If I had gone to McDonald’s, I would have picked Asian Salad with Grilled Chicken – – let’s see how they compare.

McDonald’s Asian Salad with Grilled Chicken

290 calories
31 grams (g) protein
23 g carbohydrates
10 g fat (1 g saturated)
0 g trans fat
6 g fiber
890 milligrams (mg) sodium

Wendy’s Mandarin Chicken Salad

550 calories
29 g protein
53 g carbohydrates
26 g fat (3 g saturated)
0 g trans fat
6 g fiber
1,230 mg sodium

As you can see, McDonald’s Asian Salad with Grilled Chicken seems to be a better choice.

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3 Responses to “Grilled Chicken Salad: McDonald’s vs. Wendy’s”

  1. The Skinny Kid Says:

    Thanks for the analysis. Next time you’ll have to go to McDonalds and let us know how the taste compares!

  2. joseph Says:

    it is true but wendys has more flavor in ALMOST all of their foods

  3. Joyce Says:

    wendys tastes better far and above McDonald’s .. Mcd’s was mostly lettuce!

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