Grilled Chicken Cancer: Is Chicken Safe to Eat?

Is Chicken safe at all to eat? Or are you saying grilled chicken in these particular restaurants aren’t safe? I eat a lot of Chicken, Turkey and Fish. I don’t eat red meat trying to stay healthier. Please advise. Thank you. Pam. – – via Ask Questions & Grilled Chicken = Cancer?

When meat [any meat including chicken] or fish are subjected to high heat [over 350 degrees], the proteins in these foods can produce cancer causing chemicals [heterocyclic amines], that are known to cause a variety of cancers.

Grilling usually generates a lot of smoke, because the fat drips off on hot coals. When this happens, another cancer causing chemicals [aromatic hydrocarbons] are formed. They imbed themselves into the food as the smoke rises up.

The highest concentration of aromatic hydrocarbons seems to be found in charred barbecued meat, poultry or fish. To answer your question, chicken is safe to eat if it is not charred or prepared on high heat.

As I already mentioned, vitamin C seems to be effective at neutralizing these cancer-causing chemicals. In addition, green tea and garlic are also helpful. If you follow a balanced diet and eat a good amount of vegetables and fruits, I would not be concerned about this.

The amount of carcinogens found in grilled chicken from McDonald’s and other fast-food restaurants seems to be negligible. I think in comparison to homemade grilled chicken, theirs is probably safer, because they use commercial stoves with superior ventilation.

As for not eating red meat, there is no evidence that in moderation, red meat is unhealthy. Just the opposite seems to be true. Red meat is very nutritious and an excellent source of protein. It is, however, important to buy grass-fed meat.

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  1. Roxanne Says:

    I have been told by a nutritionist that all chicken is toxic. Well eat more of that than any other meat. What’s the verdict on this if prepared and cooked properly?

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