Gretchen Rossi Diet and Workout

Gretchen Rossi Diet and Workout

Gretchen Rossi‘s diet and workout are pretty good. In fact, I like Gretchen Rossi’s diet and workout approach to staying fit. Since she is an active woman, she does not really need an exercise program to stay in shape. She also does not need a special diet to maintain her weight.

Unlike some celebrity diets, Gretchen Rossi’s diet does not exclude entire food groups. Now when it comes to sugar, celebrities usually try to stay as far away from it as possible, but Gretchen claims that she does not make an effort to minimize her sugar consumption. She eats everything in moderation, and she does not count calories.

Gretchen Rossi’s workout is kind of similar to her diet. It does not really focus on one exercise or a specific exercise program. She stays active with a variety of activities such as playing tennis with her boyfriend and walking her dogs at the park. As for specific exercises, she uses an elliptical machine from time to time; she also does squats, sit-ups and a number of routines that include working with weights. [source: In Touch]

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