Gluten Free Food List

Gluten Free Food List

While the Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s Gluten-Free Diet post is informative, it does not contain a gluten-free food list. But if you are experiencing chronic intestinal issues, you are probably interested in a gluten-free food list, right? Well, you should know that it is not easy to come up with a gluten-free food list. Why? Because such list would be very long and not very useful.

So, instead of giving you a gluten-free food list, I think it is more productive if we talk about how you can alter your diet for a gluten-free lifestyle. But before we get into that, I would like to note that it is very important to check with your doctor before going gluten-free.

Here is a gluten-free food list that is not actually a list of gluten-free foods but a set of “ifs” that you can apply to your diet.

If you like cereal with milk for breakfast: Nature’s Path sells some great gluten-free cereals. Try to reduce dairy intake and have almond or rice milk instead.

If you have a sandwich with chips for lunch: Have cold cuts on gluten-free bread. Boar’s Head offers G-free lunchmeat options. Instead of chips, try sweet potato fries.

If you find yourself snacking on trail mix: Try to eliminate fried fruit – your system is already irritated. Go for an apple and peanut butter.

If you like sushi for dinner: Fish and rice are actually fine, but most soy sauces contain gluten, so bring your own – or plan to go without.

If you have a sweet tooth and love ice cream: Some are naturally gluten-free. Coconut Bliss ice cream and Red Mango frozen yogurt are gluten-free options.

Dr. Grace Keenan, director of Nova Medical Group in Ashburn, Va., says that one percent of the world’s population face celiac disease. “It usually goes undiagnosed because of vague symptoms – the most common are diarrhea, constipation, depression and acid reflux. People who are diagnosed with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) should be evaluated to see if they have celiac disease.” [via]

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