Giuliana Rancic Weight

Giuliana Rancic Weight

Continued from Giuliana Rancic’s Diet.

Giuliana Rancic‘s weight got slammed by Whoopi Goldberg recently. Why? Because Giuliana Rancic’s weight more than qualifies her to be in the company of other skinny chicks that most people do not like very much. But just because Giuliana Rancic’s weight is troubling does not mean she deserves the criticism.

Her diet is not low in calories. She does not have an eating disorder, but she does look extremely skinny. Goldberg basically said that Giuliana Rancic’s weight is the reason why she is having trouble getting pregnant. Rancic’s doctor told her to gain about 10 pounds. She did gain some weight, about 5 pounds, yet she is still not pregnant. Why not? It is more complicated than just gaining a certain amount of weight.

In other words, Giuliana Rancic’s weight could be just one of the contributing factors. Sometimes it is not enough to simply gain some weight, some people need to increase their body fat percentage as well. In my opinion, she needs to gain more than just 10 pounds. How much weight does she need to gain? I think she needs to gain at least 15 more pounds.

What is Giuliana Rancic’s current weight? It is a mystery. I do not have an official number. My estimate is that she is close to about 105 pounds. She says her stylist gives her size 0 clothing. [source: Life and Style]

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