Giuliana Rancic Diet

Giuliana Rancic Diet

Giuliana Rancic‘s diet seems perfect. Is Giuliana Rancic’s diet too good to be true? She looks great and healthy, but she does not look fit. I am not saying she should have Madonna’s arms or look like a fitness model.

I am saying that people who pay attention to what they eat and how they exercise, usually look a bit more defined than she does. So, maybe Giuliana Rancic’s diet is not perfect after all. “Ryan Seacrest is so freaking skinny that I have to stay skinny to look thin next to him,” say Giuliana. In any case, here is a sample of Giuliana Rancic’s diet:

Breakfast (about 180 calories) Muscle Power protein shake, an organic grapefruit, and green tea. It is great that she has a protein shake for breakfast, but seems to me that the name of the shake does not translate in the way she looks. Where are her muscles?

Lunch (about 370 calories) “I have a breast of skinless rotisserie chicken,” says Rancic. In addition, she eats steamed broccoli.

Snacks (about 457 calories) She snacks on apples and Kashi’s TLC bars. Not bad. However, she can do better by expanding her snacking options.

Dinner (about 524 calories) She likes sushi and grilled meals from Whole Foods Market such as a salmon bowl with brown rice and veggies. As for desert, it is all about berries and Cool Whip.

Total Calories: about 1,531 calories. [via]

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    Is it possible that thin women may be in great shape without having huge muscles? It is actually quite difficult for women to be “ripped” through diet and exercise. Also, protein loading does not lead to more muscle. If you consume more than you expend it will turn to fat

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