Fried Fish vs Baked Fish

Fried Fish vs Baked Fish

Fried fish vs. baked fish – which is better for you? Fried fish vs. boiled fish – which cooking method is the healthiest? Just like with other foods, how you cook fish affects its nutritional properties. According to the American Heart Association, boiled or baked fish is healthier than other form of fish (think dried, fried or salted).

Why? Because omega-3 fatty acids (the healthy fat) can be damaged during frying, which is hardly surprising giving the fact that omega-3s should not be exposed to high heat. How can you make your baked or boiled fish even healthier? Add reduced sodium soy sauce or tofu to the dish, and do not forget about vegetables either, they make virtually any dish more nutritious.

Speaking of eating fish in general, it goes without saying that fish is an excellent source of protein. If you are trying to lose weight or simply want to eat healthy, eat fish at least two times a week. Oh, and do not forget about vegetables either. Fish plus vegetables is a winning combination. As for portion control, assuming we are talking about baked or boiled fish, I would not worry about eating too much of it. In other words, when it comes to eating fish and vegetables, you do not need to count calories.

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