Fried Coke

Fried CokeWhat is fried Coke? Frankly, I am still trying to wrap my mind around this one. It has been a while since I saw a worthy addition to a dizzying world of “food porn.”

Fried Coke has to be one of the best “Frankenstein” foods of our time. No, it has not been genetically modified; though nutritionally speaking it has nothing on Monsanto’s creations.

Parents take note: telling your kids “do not play with your food,” may backfire later in life – let them get it out of their system early – or risk leaving us wide open to nutritional disasters, a.k.a fried Coke.

When a 36-years-old geek computer analyst from Texas, found himself in a kitchen with ingredients just waiting for him to make one false move – a new fast food sensation was born.

As with all evil ingenious food creations, it took some trial and error to perfect fried Coke, but eventually he came up with this recipe:

[…] a batter mix made with Coca-Cola syrup, a drizzle of strawberry syrup, and some strawberries.

Balls of the batter are then deep-fried, ending up like ping-pong ball sized doughnuts which are then served in a cup, topped with Coca-Cola syrup, whipped cream, cinnamon sugar and a cherry on the top.

At the State Fair of Texas, it was a huge hit – Gonzales (fried Coke’s creator) “sold up to 35,000 fried Cokesand won a prize for coming up withmost creativenew fair food.”

[…]Gonzales said the success of his fried Coke had inspired him. Next year’s fair-goers can look forward to fried Sprite or — for those watching their weight — fried diet Coke.

Fried diet Coke for those watching their weight? Here is a better idea: add some Green Tea extract to it and market it as a weight-loss supplement – – I bet fried Coke tastes great, but Gonzales, please stick with computer analysis, really.

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