Fran Drescher Weight Gain

Fran Drescher Weight Gain

Fran Drescher‘s weight gain – nanylicious or not? Fran Drescher’s weight gain seems to be an example of what happens when people consume too many calories and too much sugar. What else can explain Fran Drescher’s weight gain? I mean, people do not gain weight because of the cold weather or too much sun – the weight gain happens when we stop paying attention to what we eat.

But the good news about Fran Drescher’s weight gain is that it is reversible. She badly needs a sugar detox. Fran can probably increase her chances of decreasing her body fat percentage by going on the No Flour, No Sugar diet. In addition to dramatically reducing her daily consumption of simple carbohydrates, she needs to revamp her overall diet, which could help her reduce belly fat.

Having said that, for her belly fat and thunderous thighs to look better than they look now, Drescher needs to find a good exercise program. I doubt she would find weight lifting appealing, but she does not need to use dumbbells to get in better shape. Pilates and walking is all she needs to help her body adopt new eating habits. [source: Star]

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