Fortysomething Diet and Workout Tips

Fortysomething Diet and Workout Tips

Do you need fortysomething diet and workout tips? Of course you do. If you are in your forties, the following fortysomething diet and workout tips can help you stay fit, healthy and trim.

Eat fish “Lean proteins are hard to break down,” says physician Melissa Hershberg. The body burns more calories metabolizing them than other foods.

Bulk up “Starting in your forties, you begin to lose 5 to 6 percent of muscle mass every decade,” says nutritionist Oz Garcia. Weight-train at least twice a week, preferably three times a week.

Go Zen “Stress is a huge reason for weight gain in your forties as hormonal changes take a toll,” says trainer Ramona Braganza. Do yoga or Pilates at least a couple of times a week.

Chow down “Eat healthy fats at every meal and snack,” says nutritionist and Flat Belly Diet! coauthor Cynthia Sass. “You will absorb 10 times more antiaging antioxidants by eating chopped avocado or olive oil with produce,” she says. [via]

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