Food Portions in U.S. vs. Europe

Food Portions in U.S. vs. Europe

Continued from The 9-Inch Diet.

The average bagel has doubled in diameter since the 1980s.

“America has been suffering from a severe case of gigantism,” writes Bogusky. To make his point, he chronicles the explosion of over-sized beverages that have popped up since the late ’80s.

Over the years, “the large became the medium and the medium became the small and the small became the child’s cup,” Bogusky continues. To stop this cycle of disingenuous labeling, Bogusky suggests killing the concept of, say, a “venti” coffee; instead, “name a drink after the number of ounces.”

Food Portions in U.S. vs. Europe 2

Food portions in U.S. vs. Europe: How we measure Up As Bogusky points out in The 9-Inch Diet, food portions in the U.S. (see the pic above) are typically at least 25 percent larger than those in Europe.

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