Fat Loss Supplements: Does Tonalin CLA Really Work?

fat loss supplements tonalin claIf fat loss supplements need another controversy, Tonalin CLA can help. Holiday binge eaters can rest at ease. If you take some Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), you can keep your weight and fat gains at bay – – or can you?

A recent study “sought to determine if CLA would help overweight adults reduce body fat and prevent weight gain during a six-month period that included the holiday season.”

What was the result of this study? In their press release, they call the findings “dramatic”. [Shudder] The CLA group lost 2.2 pounds of fat and 1.3 pounds of weight, while the placebo group gained 1.5 pounds of fat and 2.4 pounds of weight.

CLA may serve a critical role in reducing the cumulative weight and fat gain…“, the study concluded.

I think the result of this study is dramatically depressing. Your body weight fluctuates constantly. You can lose, or gain, up to 10 pounds in water-weight. In fact, I have seen some clients with said body weight changes.

Even if we assume that water-weigh was not an issue in this study, the CLA group lost a ridiculously small amount of weight. On average, they lost 0.09 pounds of fat and 0.05 pounds of weight in a week. One can probably lose more weight just by sweating alone.

But perhaps the most disturbing aspect of this study is its message. Instead of encouraging people to make smart food choices, it seems to suggest that CLA can “buy” you a weight loss insurance.

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48 Responses to “Fat Loss Supplements: Does Tonalin CLA Really Work?”

  1. TomD Says:

    I used CLA with zero results.

  2. christine Says:

    i am using CLA for a while…..zero results.

  3. sue Says:

    I am currently using Tonalin CLA it is great I’ve lost inches in my waist/hip area. Everyone had notice the difference after 8 weeks of use. I will use it forever!

  4. Debbie Says:

    Love it! I noticed more muscle definition in my arms and stomach I’ve been on it 9 weeks. I too use the Tonalin brand which is said to be the most effective brand to burn fat. I will continue to use it and recommend it highly! I also noticed more energy and a decrease in my appetite.

  5. todd Says:

    i have been using tonalin cla for two weeks now with a good diet and a steady excersize regime. i have noticed a differance and feel more energy and see more results. this may be in my head. but i feel and see i the results.

  6. Mary Says:

    I have been taking the Tonalin CLA for a month. I have not lost weight but I have lost inches in my waist, hips and thighs. I can tell I have more muscle mass and am losing fat.

  7. Denee Says:

    I’ve only used Tonalin CLA for a week so far. I am still eating like a pig and it’s not working. Hmm.

  8. Joe Says:

    You have to use more than you think.
    Im taking 6 a day…
    Im seeing good results where as before only taking 2-3 a day I saw nothing really.

  9. ED Says:

    I ‘ve used Tonalin ClA for a mounth,This is perfect just use this product
    6kg weight loose wow

  10. Mitch Says:

    Joe made a good point. If you’re taking the common 1000mg capsule and only 2-3 per day, you won’t be getting enough to make a difference. You might look for the 1285mg Tonalin CLA caps then you can take only 3 per day and still get enough.

    Also, Denee said she’s still eating like a pig. CLA is not an appetite suppressant. You’re going to have to control your eating and exercise on your own.

  11. nadya Says:

    i am using Tonalin 1000-cla … its my 2nd day now … But im afraid it makes me Gain weight instead of makin me Loose !
    plz give me good Tips ? ! :(
    i workout almost Everyday .. and Trying to Control my Food :)

  12. halfkoreanboy Says:

    Ive read that cla is meant for long term use,you wont see the best results in 2 or 3 weeks,or even 5 months, i beleive if you eat healthier and exercise with cardio and heavy lifting several small healthy meals a day it will give you a better muscle to fat ratio its a long term comitment its not a fat burner and you cant just stop after like a year when you start seeing really good results. but that is just what ive read before i started taking it. i am taking it for the long run, hope this helps…..

  13. Adriana Says:

    I have been taking CLA for a little over 2 months now. Along with eating healthier and eating 5 times a day, I believe that it has helped me alot! Although I have not lost a lot of weight (about 4 pounds). I have dropped from a size 12/14 to a size 10 and get compliments ALOT on how good I look and how much weight have I lost.
    What I like most about CLA is that I don’t get the jittery feeling with metabolism boosters. I just wanted a little something to help a little bit with fat loss, not provide a miracle, and I definitely think that it is doing it’s job.
    When I really noticed a change is after the first month of taking 3 pills a day of 1000mg, I stepped it up to 6 pills a day (2 at main meals). That is when I really started to notice a change in my body.
    I don’t think it has made me use the restroom any more or any less than I usually do. So for me, CLA is a winner!!! And I plan on using it as long as I can as a daily supplement.
    Good luck!! :-)

  14. Jen Says:

    I have been taking CLA for about 2 weeks now, and in fact it has made me gain weight! However, I haven’t gained as many inches as I normally would have at this weight, so I do believe it is helping me build more muscle. I will try Joe and Mitch’s recommendations of taking more. And also unfortunately a lot of the comments here are true…it’s not really an appetite suppressant at all so you still have to work on that on your own!

  15. sami Says:

    hay guys…cla works great if u put in ur mind tht u wont tht to wrk ….body fat vary form person to anothr …but if ur consistnt ull reach ur goals …i put 50% food 30 % exercise …and 20% cla …thts wat rlly wrks

  16. Tyler Says:

    There is always two sides to every story. You have to remember that any product especially weight loss supplements will have varying results between different people. With tonalin CLA it takes atleast one month for it to take affect in your body. And like any other dietary supplement you MUST eat right and exercise if you want to see drastic reeesults in weight loss and muscle gain. CLA is a acid found in beef and dairy and not only helps shed fat, it also is an anti-carcinogen. In studies during the 80’s it actually destroyed or shrank tumors in mice.

  17. Wendell Says:

    Ok i want to use this but afraid that i ihgt gain weight or lose everything when im not taking them,and mainly that there will be no affect. Im sorry but im also skeptical that some of these people say who they are and arent just lying to back up this stuff im sorry just very doubtfull and not very trusting . I have been doing workouts and diets with no resutl and am lossing hope. hoping that this well work cause i am self concious and need to lose some weight and would like to gain some muscle as well for wrestling that need me to lose weight fast. Any help and reassurance would be apprecitated thank you so much.

  18. John Says:

    CLA gives me gas! ppprrrfttt!!!

  19. Newbee Says:

    I have just started taking CLA. I am hypothyroid and am hoping this will help me lose weight off my belly that seems to have accumulated!! I weigh 140 lbs, I’m 5’2″ and have been going to the gym 5 x a week for 6 weeks. I have read the other comments and am hoping that even if I don’t lose weight but just the belly fat I will be happy then a pig.

  20. Theresa Says:

    I have been on CLA for about 8 days now and take 6 pills a day. It definitely is working for me. There were a couple of days when I didn’t eat right at all and I did not gain any water weight and actually lost a couple of pounds. I also have read that the more body fat mass that you have the better CLA will work. I have had absolutely no side effects and if it is safe I will take more than 6 pills a day but I have to check on this. I know it has been only 8 days but I truly feel that this is working. I am using Bally’s brand now with 1000 mg a pill but will try the GNC one next.

  21. Veda Says:

    Well guys here I go, I bought Tonalin CLA 3 months ago and have been afraid to take it. I’m a slim girl with a big stomach. I honostly look 6 mths pregnant, I’m scared to take it because I think I will loose moe weight and just be invisible. I work out but not too much because Im skinny and tried all ab work out equip: ab lounge, ab coaster, ab ball, crunches etc, now here I go with the pills wish me darn great results.

  22. P. Says:

    Hello Veda.
    I’d recommend you start eating a bit more (but healthy) AND do weight training 3-4 times a week. Make sure you eat enough protein (eggs, fish, meat, tofu, etc). You WILL gain muscle mass (so you won’t be too skinny) and you’ll improve your overall body shape, health and fitness. In a few weeks, you’ll start seeing results in your body shape. Doesn’t sound like you should be taking CLA if you think you’re too skinny.
    Remember, localized exercises (such as abs) help the muscle. But if you want to decrease your fat mass you need both aerobic exercise and weight training. the first will burn the fat and the second will build some muscle which will help you burn more fat and stay fit.

  23. DMarie Says:

    I’ve been using Tonalin CLA 1285mg for about two weeks. Have not had any major side effects or anything. I take a pill with every meal and try to cut back on all the “bad stuff” I’m used to eating. I feel like there is a noticeable difference in my stomach. For some reason, my clothes around my waist are getting a little loose. I’ll keep trying to see what the new year brings!

  24. HMM Says:

    If you don’t eat right or exercise you won’t loss weight anyways with or without CLA and if you can eat right and exercise what do you need it for at all. Get It. Everything you read says the same thing they get no results unless they eat right and exercise and take CLA other they get no results. You can get the same results buy just eating right and exercising so why bother with the CLA at all save the money.

  25. Norma Says:

    I’ve been taking CLA only one at each meal for three weeks. I think I will follow some of the other comments made and take 3 at each meal or more. I do believe in exercising and I’ve started a program for that. I aslo eat correctly — no potatoes chips and no fries for me. Plenty of healthy vegetables, fruit and some fish and meat small portions during the day and that will make you eat right. I am looking forward to seeing myself smaller like I use to be. I am 5’6 inches tall and I’m not that big but I would like to come down in my breats, stomach, waist, and hips. My thighs, legs, behind are just fine right now. It will be a blessing to see myself and let my friends see me looking the way I use to.

  26. asha Says:

    I started taking the tonalin cla about 5 day’s ago. I’ve noticed I don’t eat as much. I eat breakfast. Take a pill. I don’t eat til it’s lunch time. Take a pill. Dinner comes I eat then take a pill. I don’t munch all day anymore! I don’t have “that craving” I really like this pill! I’m just not quit sure it’s good for me, as i don’t excerise alot. I weigh 200 pounds. I’m 5’3″

  27. hammster Says:

    Tonalin CLA will lower your body fat but add lean muscle. You will probably not notice a great weight loss, but your BMI will be lowered. As others have reported, I’m noticing my body get leaner (I’m low carbing and am obese) with the addition of CLA. It may take months to notice the effects. I’m taking 3 grams per day and have noticed an almost immediate impact like some others, so I’m looking forward to how this will impact me over the long term.

  28. Denise Says:

    Which brand of tonalin cla is best? And where can I get it from? Any good websites?

  29. Toning Says:

    Denise, Vitamin Worlds brand works very well. Maybe you should try theres. I have tried the GNC brand as well and I feel both have given me similar results.

  30. Jenny Says:

    I started taking Tonalin CLA today. I’m a 50 yr old female who until menopause has always been at a healthy weight. I have just quit smoking and work out 3 times a week. I eat 5 small meals a day and drink protein shakes. I have developed fat on my abdomen and have a flat stomach under the fat. I will keep all posted with my results.

  31. Jessica Says:

    I am 5’5″ and weigh 135 lbs. I started doing vigorous cardio and weight training (5 times a week for an hour) two weeks ago. I am a healthy eater (less than 30 g of fat and 1,200 calories per day). Although I’ve been busting my butt at the gym, I have not lost ANY weight! I am on birth control, and I’m wondering if that’s what’s holding me back. I’m not as concerned about losing weight as I am about burning fat and toning up. Any advice?

  32. mechell Says:

    in two months i’ve gained ten pounds. i’ve just started taking CLA. as i read in the comments on the page i hope i have the same results. wish me luck and good luck to everyone else in keeping the weight off.

  33. BARBARA SAYS Says:

    I have been taking CLA for 5 weeks. Been on the Weight Watcher program as well. The first three weeks I lost 9 lbs. The last two weeks I’ve gained 0.6 lbs. each week. I was upset but then realized I was taking TonaLean-3 pills which contains CLA. My clothes fit looser. I think this is why I gained weight. I gained muscle. Am I right?

  34. Amanda Says:

    I start using CLA about a month ago – I saw a little change – my cloth fits better but I am not getting to exercise at all – any advice. I had a baby 18months ago – I have gain 40lbs and I need to drop it! Would CLA work for me – I also do not eat as much I some times go without eating for hours!

  35. Aly Says:

    Hi I’m 20 years old I started yesterday with tonalin CLA 1000. The directions say 4 a day during meals. I’m afraid of being taking too little pills to see effects. I started an exercise routine (30 min of cardio with a little weight training). While I’m reading I see that you guys had to take more to see effects. My boyfriend says I should not be worry cuz I’m a small girl and I don’t need as much (5’3″ ft and 115 pounds) What do you think? Should I take more CLA? I just want to lose some inches, get toned and reduce my cellulite.

  36. Joan Says:

    does anybody have any success with this while being hypothyroid? I’m 5’7″ 166 pounds. Exercise 5 days a week, cardio and strength training (body pump). Scale won’t budge. Just bought CLA, it should be here in the next few days. Anybody have any success in a similar position?

  37. tosh Says:

    CLA is NOT an Appetite suppressant! Suppressing your appetite is the worse thing you can do to yourself! In order to lose body fat you need to exercise your metabolism by eating 5-6 healthy small meals a day, putting your body in a fat burning state. Think of your body as a fire, if you don’t keep adding wood to the fire it won’t work. If your metabolism is not being worked it will slow down and you will be adding fat to your body! Its not all in the gym, more then 50 percent of losing body fat is in the kitchen! The fitness models you see in the magazines with the lean bodies and flat abs are all on strict diets and probably only spend 6-7 hours a week in the gym! Your body does not burn fat and build muscle in the gym, it burns and builds as you sleep and on your days off. If you’re spending 2 hours a day for 5-6 days, you’re spending TOO MUCH TIME! There is no easy around burning fat and building muscle, there’s no magic pill or ab machine that’s gonna do it, its hard work and that’s it! Any trainer will tell you this. Don’t fall for the supplement and workout machine gimmicks! The Fitness industry is a multi-billion dollar industry! They’re just out to make buck off desperate people who will pay anything to lose weight. Save your money and spend it on good clean organic, non processed food and fresh food! Read the ingredients! Don’t fall for what the advertisement on the wrapper says, they lie to make money!

    Most food that claims to be healthy IS NOT! Read the back, there’s like 20 different words for sugar and oil, google them! If a kinda food has a long shelf life and NO expiry date, THEN YOU SHOULD NOT BE EATING IT! Every body is different and you must find out what foods work for you and when to eat them! And to all you women out there who are afraid to do weight training because they don’t want to get muscular, YOU WILL ONLY PUT ON BIG MUSCLE IF YOUR TRAINING LIKE A BODY BUILDER. And that takes LOTS of work and is not easy, so don’t be afraid. Producing more muscle means BURNING MORE FAT! I guarantee you using weights will burn more fat quicker then spending hours on the treadmill or an elliptical (which challenges your body very little and can make you “Skinny-fat”). body weight core exercises, med ball routines, wind sprints, dead lifts, kettle bell swings, squats, over head presses, pull ups, dips, side planks, boxing classes, agility latter drills, suicide drills, clean and presses are great workouts to burn fat and build muscle! Look them up on youtube. And most importantly-setting goals and manifesting them, having a positive mind, loving yourself, and always being thankful for what you do have are all crucial in body transformation. Achieving a healthier, leaner, sexier, and stronger body is all about being motivated and challenging yourself, its a change in your whole life style, for the better! This is possible for everyone, no matter your shape, size or gender! Good luck and may God bless you.

  38. Scott B Says:

    I’m 61 and have always been thin, except this past year, when after a winter of beer, chips, and generaly holiday sloth, I realized my gut and butt had blown up well beyond anything I’d heretofore experienced (about 5 inches in belly fat alone–I was at 37″ when I should be around 31″…scary). The weight doesn’t so much concern me, the hard belly fat does–it’s well established that this fat tends to surround the internal organs and can lead to strokes and heart attacks.

    I’d used CLA before (Tonalin 1000s) because I’ve read that it’s especially good at helping burn hard fat around the internal organs, so I began a gradual springtime exercise routine (Total Gym and daily walking) and taking three caps of Tonalin, and of course cutting out the beer and other useless carbs. After three weeks I was down about an inch on the waist (and I am taking measurements weekly, Sunday mornings on an empty stomach, and I maintain a chart and notes). So, not very encouraging.

    Without further changing my diet or routine much I upped my CLA intake to 6 caps per day. Three weeks later (today, in fact), I’m down to just over 33 inches–that is, nearly one additional inch lost per week since upping my intake to 6 caps daily. Mind you, I’m still restricting carbs and still exercising and walking a couple miles per day. Most of my muscle measurements have changed a bit from the first week, but the biggest changes have been in the hips, butt, and most especially the waist (with the tape exactly over the navel)–i.e., the hardest place to reduce, containing the most stubborn fat accumulation. So, in total, nearly 4 inches reduction in six weeks. The first inch took three weeks, the remaining 3 (on 6 CLA caps per day) took another three weeks.

    Worthy of note: Anyone who has looked into the effects of abdominal exercise knows that fat loss is opportunistic, and that belly fat is the hardest to lose. This means that you can lose any amount of body fat through general exercise (burning calories and body fat), and you can even develop a great set of abs…which can still be hidden under stubborn belly fat. In fact, those great hidden abs will actually be contributing to your disappointing waist measurement! Don’t be discouraged. There’s still something good happening under the hood, even if your tape can’t prove it yet. Here’s how I know.

    Like some bodybuilders (I am not one, but…) I take two measurements: one relaxed, one posed, or flexed. For the first gut measurement I stand normally, take a deep breath and exhale about 3/4s of it (to normal) and measure (like at the tailor’s or doctor’s office). That’s the “relaxed” measure. For the posed measure, I fill my lungs and “make a chest” (like Arnold) then let out just enough to suck in my gut to its smallest measurement. That’s the “posed” measure. Six week comparison?

    At the end of Week One I was able to flex my pecs and suck in my belly to 34 and 1/2 inches, the best I could do without busting a gut. This morning, six weeks later: 31 inches. A three and 1/2 inch improvement. When it comes to measurements, you can control your muscles and thus affect the tape, you cannot actually control your fat. You can even suck in a beer gut to some extent, however flabby your underlying abdominals, but you cannot suck in “beer handles.”

    Conclusion: Apples to apples, I’m down about 10% on my waist size in six weeks, and 75% of that reduction occurred between Weeks 3-6, after doubling my Tonalin intake from 3 caps to 6. Coincidence?

    Not that I’m advising anyone here, these are anecdotal observations, but I’m upping my intake to 8 caps per day, just to see what happens.

    Incidentally, I think this article is bogus. First she “shudders” at the thought that people will think CLA is a license to pig out, cites a six month study in which CLA subjects lost 2.2 lbs of fat vs. the control group who gained 1.5 (a difference of 3.7 average lbs!), then goes on to say that a lot of weight fluctuation is the result of water loss and gain. Hold it, honey. This is not really apples to apples then, is it? Water is not fat. Sure you can dehydrate yourself into looking better on the bathroom scale, but this will not affect the fat content of your gut and butt. If the study accurately measured the differences in body fat between those using conjugated linoleic acid and those not using it, then any other suggestion to account for the difference doesn’t hold water. In fact, fat doesn’t hold water.

  39. Miss Bunny Says:

    I started using CLA with Tonalin about 7 months ago. I changed nothing else about my diet. After 6 months, my weight was surprisingly, down about 7 pounds. A couple weeks ago I returned from vacation where I ate out at every meal for 9 days. I consumed more calories and fat in one meal than I normally consumed in an entire day. I took my CLA religiously. I did not manage to gain a single pound. I am a believer! If you don’t change anything else about your diet while taking CLA, don’t expect miracles. If you are patient, you will see results though.

  40. sammy Says:

    i am 5’4 and weigh 120 lbs, before the summer, i was 115. i started tonalin 2 days ago, and have been working out 4 hours a day since. i am looking to make my weight 112. although i am pretty slim, and play sports, i can use to lose weight in my stomach, back, and thighs. i’m hoping tonalin will help. for the past 2 days, i have been taking 3 pills a day, but now after reading this, i think i will start taking 6. hopefully i will see results fast!

  41. CL Says:

    I’m a fit 23 year old woman (5’7 and 125 lbs), I eat well, go to the gym daily and have been taking daily multiple vitamins along with diet pills on occasions after holidays to help lose weight faster to maintain my desired weight but the fat on my belly has always been very stubborn and I’ve had it after high school so it’s very frustrating since I do ab work outs religiously. I read in a few other forums that Tonalin CLA with green tea extracts can help women achieve that super model skinny, toned and lean body as green tea is an appetite surpressant and CLA as muscle builder but of course maintaining a healthy and suggested diet along with exercise. I’m willing to give it a try later on this week once I feel better (I have a cold and have been taking Tylenol).

  42. Sherry Says:

    I have been taking CLA now for approx 4 days, I’ve found a huge difference! It also helps that I am doing cardio and weight lifting for a hour each day. My husband doesn’t know that I am taking CLA, and he has mentioned to me that my belly is striking! Since having my son 3 years ago, I’ve lost 80 pounds and I need to lose the last 15 pounds. I have hit a wall, I’ve been trying to lose those last pounds now 6 months and haven’t gotten any where. I did a lot of research before taking CLA. I am not the kind of person who cares about the number (weight) it’s how I feel and how I look. I am looking better day by day. I really do like this product as it has given me some results. When I was speaking to the guy at GNC, he told me that he would take about a month before you would see major results. I’ve taken other products and never stuck with them as they don’t do much, give you jitters and make you feel on edge. The cost is well worth it for me. It’s like every thing else, it may work for you and it may not. I agree that in order for it to work, you need to have to exercise (mostly cardio) and eat right. Good luck!

  43. Elise Says:

    Just bought CLA. I’m 5’5″ and 150 lbs and have hypothroid. I have already lost 30 pounds. Still need to lose 10-20 pounds. I’m moderately active and eat well. Really hoping this stuff works!

  44. Guishe H Says:

    Love it! I have been on CLA for the last nine months and it sure does work if you work with it other than just looking for results but no work outs or exercises. I was motivated to use CLA not because of the weight problem but in regards to my diabetes and high blood pressure. After a month of being on CLA, my doctor notices the difference with not only my blood sugars, blood pressure but as well as my weight. I loss 50lbs so far but gain a few here and there only if I am not on it or forgot to take it in the matter of days. I can’t live without it and I have not told my doctor what I am taking because she doesn’t allow anything that she have not prescribe (LOL). In addition, I completely put away all my high blood pressure bills and now living on CLA.

  45. Josh Says:

    People you got to realize CLA can not and will not Build muscle on your body. So those of you who are claiming you are gaining muscle by taking this Dont have a clue about CLA does. Also CLA does not Speed up your metabolism it is not designed to do so. CLA is an OMEGA 6 Fatty Acid similar to Fish oils. Except the function in different roles in the body.

    It amazes me the lack of education you people have when it comes to putting something in your body. Too many infomercials

    Yes CLA has the ability to target actual fat loss. Primarily around the mid section which is the tougher fat in your body to remove. Those of you claiming great weight loss BS your losing water weight as well. Muscle weighs more than fat so those of you actually hitting the weights will not see weight loss but body composition changes …i.e. more abs … better definition and tone

  46. fat girl Says:

    Its just 1 day now that i have been useing CLA and im now 200lb and im 5 foot 6 and a half inchs and i only want to loose belly fat .whats are some off the best ways to loose the belly fat in addition to useing CLA what meals is right .please guy reply….. thank you

  47. Tabetha Says:

    I started Tonalin CLA yesterday. I think I’ll up the amnt I’m taking. I’m not really into exercise but I’m pretty active. I hate cooking but I don’t eat unless I’m hungry & I don’t overeat.. I really want to get leaner without changing my lifestyle because that’s just hard to do for some purple. I’m 5’5″ & weigh 135 lbs. I wear a size 9. I have 4 kids. I don’t really have much to lose to be as thin as I was before kids (10 lbs maybe) but I’m almost 30 now & I feel a bit chubby in the butt/thigh area. So I’ll give it a try & see if I notice a difference after a month or 2! I’m not looking for a weight loss pill (never took any before)…just a fat burning boost to help me out a little.

  48. Erin Says:

    My CLA says to take before a meal but doesn’t specify how long before a meal. It’s Tonalin brand. Any suggestions?

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