Fast-Food for Weight Loss?

Fast-Food for Weight Loss?Continued from Jared Fogle: Long Road to Weight Loss.

Jared had tried and failed at several diets in half-hearted attempts to lose weight.

But he felt hopeful when he saw a sign at a local Subway store advertising the fat and calorie content of its sandwiches.

“It gave me total control over what I was eating. That was very important to me,” he says.

In one day, Jared went from consuming 10,000 calories a day to 1,600. For the next year, he skipped breakfast, ate nothing but a plain turkey sandwich for lunch, then had a sandwich loaded with lettuce, peppers, pickles, and mustard for dinner.

“There were many moments when I wanted to head to the nearest burger or pizza place. But I was so fed up with myself that I was willing to do what it took,” he says. Slowly he replaced riding the bus with walking, until he was walking an average of 11/2 miles per day.

Within three months he’d lost 94 pounds. In less than a year, he had dropped 245 pounds. As he began losing weight, a friend profiled him in the campus newspaper. The story was picked up by other campus newspapers.

Then Subway heard about him and invited him to its headquarters to ensure he was a “real” person. Soon after, he filmed a test commercial for the company. The rest, as they say, is history. Note: To be continued

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