Fage Yogurt: Fage Greek Yogurt

Fage Yogurt: Fage Greek YogurtFage Greek yogurt, the number-one yogurt brand in Greece, arrived in the United States during the summer of 2000 and changed many people’s perception of yogurt with its relatively thick, sour cream-like texture, mild flavor, and Herculean 17 grams of protein per 130-calorie serving.

Nutrition experts often recommend the 2 percent version as opposed to the fat-free, because fat is more satiating. Some mix it with a drop of honey and fresh or frozen fruit, and “it’s dessert!” declares Jana Klauer, nutritionist and author of How the Rich Get Thin.

The yogurt’s fans are relentless: Jet-setters have been known to smuggle it into St. Barts, and one of Stephen Gullo’s clients accosted a Beverly Hills supermarket manager foolish enough to stock his fridge with only the full-fat version. Gullo is a weight-loss specialist in New York City. [via]

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