Exhale Core Fusion

Exhale Core FusionHave you heard about the Exhale spa in Midtown Manhattan? The spa, which boasts eight locations nationwide, offers classes and training sessions so unique that even Barbara Walters takes advantage of them.

Some fitness professionals have found Exhale’s Core Fusion classes to be very useful, says Fred DeVito, vice president of movement classes and training at Exhale. Those who think they are in great shape often find themselves sweating within the first two minutes of the workout.

If Core Fusion is a tough workout for fitness professionals, what about the rest of us? “It’s a combination of strength training and flexibility exercises,” says DeVito. “It’s a one-hour workout that’s noted for body shaping, but it’s also used for sports conditioning.”

It works muscles that most people don’t use on a regular basis, and your legs will probably quiver within minutes. “You use your body weight,” says DeVito. You can also use light weights, a band (for stability and resistance) and a ballet bar for some of the stretches.

The components are yoga, Pilates and core-conditioning exercises. Most people feel it after the second class since they don’t really know how hard to push themselves the first time around.

Although Exhale spa is known for coming up with the concept of Core Fusion, one serious draw is the one-on-one session you can do after the class (or before, if you’d like!). “Body Enlightening is a combination of Thai massage, acupressure, assisted stretching and contact yoga,” says DeVito. And anyone who has done it will tell you it hurts – but it’s the good kind of pain. [via OK!]

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