Exercise and Diet

Exercise and Diet

Exercise and diet, are they connected? No, they are not. Okay, maybe exercise and diet are connected, but not in a way you may think. Sure, some experts claim that exercise and diet are interconnected, but one seems to carry more weight than the other.

Did you know that exercise “trains” your brain stick to a diet? Research shows that people who do not exercise regularly tend to consume more calories. If you are not concerned about your weight, this is not an issue, but if you are trying to lose weight, you obviously do not want to consume more calories than you need to.

In addition, research shows that eating unplanned meals sabotages workouts. I am not talking about planned, healthy snacks. I am talking about eating at random when you are not even hungry (think eating because you are stressed, upset, etc).

Exercise and diet: the real connection
You need both, that is the bottom line. If you are trying to change your eating habits or if you are trying to lose some weight, research seems to suggest that you need to exercise and diet to achieve your goals and to keep lost weight.

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