Eva Herzigova Anorexic

Eva Herzigova Anorexic

Is Eva Herzigova anorexic? The rumors are flying that Eva Herzigova is anorexic. But the question is: Is Eva Herzigova anorexic or is she simply skinny? Clearly, judging by the picture above, she is very skinny. In fact, she is too skinny for my taste. Her sternum is showing, her arms are like pencils, her legs resemble a pair of twigs, and her midsection seems to be bloated – but again, does it make Eva Herzigova anorexic?

The answer is no. I do not believe for a second that Eva Herzigova is anorexic. She is a supermodel, which means it is reasonable to expect for her to look like a bag of bones. All supermodels look like that, it does not automatically mean that they have an eating disorder.

Eva claims to “love food.” “I am not even careful about what I eat,” she says. [source: Star]

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