Ethan Suplee Weight Loss

Ethan Suplee Weight Loss

Ethan Suplee‘s weight loss – inconsequential or not? Ethan Suplee’s weight loss is important. Ethan Suplee’s weight loss is also very inspirational and simply awesome. What is so special about Ethan Suplee’s weight loss? Where do I begin? First of all, the guy has lost more weight than Justin Bieber can bench press even with Ronnie Coleman‘s help. Yes, Justin Bieber’s workout is borderline sad. How much weight has he lost? Ethan Suplee’s weight loss is estimated to be around 200 pounds, which is a huge amount of weight to lose.

Second, let’s face it, most celebrities have no idea how to lose weight. How do they lose weight? A lot of them do dangerous things to drop pounds as fast as possible, like, say, experiment with clenbterol, starvation diets, diet pills, and outrageously intense exercise routines. The result? Sure, these tricks work, short term. They lose weight for a photo shoot or a movie role, but most of them gain the lost weight back.

In stark contrast to Hollywood’s approach to weight loss, Suplee lost 200 pounds on his own, without putting his health in danger. His starting weight was over 400 pounds. What is his weight now? About 225 pounds. Does he need to lose even more weight? Probably. I would say that he needs to lose at least 50 more pounds. Can he do it? I certainly hope so. Losing 50 pounds does not seem like a big deal for someone who has already lost 200 pounds. [source: Star]

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