Emily Blunt Diet

Emily Blunt Diet

Emily Blunt‘s diet is strange. What is wrong with Emily Blunt’s diet? There is nothing wrong with Emily Blunt’s diet, I guess, but the idea of eating only green food is not something I understand well. Why not eat only orange or brown food? What is so special about green food? Emily Blunt’s diet can be described as a starvation diet, which is never a good thing. What is the benefit of starving yourself even short term?

But do not take my word for it; she admits that it is not easy to eat vegetables and fruit all day, because you are starving all day. The good news is that she does not eat like that all the time. When she needs to drop a few pounds, she only eats broccoli, kiwi, apples, and spinach, but she knows that to be healthy and in shape, she needs to eat healthy and exercise.

This so-called “cleanse” is nothing new. Crash diets are popular in Hollywood. Of course, it goes without saying that eating only green food is not sustainable and not the best way to lose weight. Isn’t it better and easier to follow a balanced diet? I think so. Doing so takes out the need for extreme dieting, not to mention the fact that yo-yo dieting has a very poor track record when it comes to permanent weight loss. [source: OK!]

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