Ellen Pompeo Diet and Workout

Ellen Pompeo Diet and Workout

Ellen Pompeo‘s diet and workout? It is perfect. No, really, now I understand why she has denied having an eating disorder. Of course she is not anorexic. Look at her. She looks great and she has her diet and workout under control.

So what is Ellen Pompeo‘s diet and workout like? Here are the details from a recent interview with her:

How do you keep in shape? I work out a lot. I have a trainer, and I do strength work, stretching, endurance and boxing. We mix it up so I don’t get bored.

Do you like going to the gym? I love the gym. It helps with the long hours of my job. The only thing that makes the hours easier is to stay fit. It’s good for my sanity.

Do you eat well? I don’t eat much junk food. I try to eat six small meals a day. I pretty much eat brown rice and protein, and I snack constantly on turkey and cheese roll-ups.

What do you avoid? I try to stay away from sugar while I’m shooting, and then on the weekends, I eat what I want. If I eat a Dove ice cream bar I feel great, but then I want a nap because I crash from the sugar. If I have to work and memorize my lines until one in the morning, I can’t be taking a nap! [via]

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