Ellen DeGeneres Vegan: Ellen DeGeneres Diet

Ellen DeGeneres Vegan: Ellen DeGeneres Diet

Is Ellen DeGeneres a vegan? Is Ellen DeGeneres a vegetarian? And what about Ellen DeGeneres’ diet, does she follow a good diet?

Ellen DeGeneres’s diet has certainly changed, big time. It is hard to tell from the picture above, but she claims that she has already lost a few sizes. And Ellen DeGeneres is a vegan, she is not a vegetarian.

Why has she turned to veganism? Does Ellen DeGeneres’ vegan diet have a secret? The answer to these questions lies in her recent interview.

How has your diet changed? We eat really clean. I stopped eating meat first, and when I stopped eating dairy – which was hard, because I loved cheese! – I lost the most weight. I eat a lot of vegetables.

What made you go vegan? I saw the cages in a disturbing documentary, Earthlings and could no longer participate. We love animals.

What’s the secret to sticking to it? I struggled with weight ever since high school. I was always 20 pounds overweight and tried every diet. I believe nothing works that isn’t a lifestyle. [source: Us Weekly]

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  1. eatpussynotanimals Says:

    if you go vegan you will not get cancer, heart disease or obesity. the meat and dairy industries spend lots of money to tell you otherwise but if you read the science you will discover this is the truth. Being a vegan means you aren’t participating in the whole evil enterprise of factory farming – you will start to glow as ellen is. I knew she had become vegan before i read it: you can see it when people get most of their food from vegetables. btw: don’t become a vegan and eat too many refined grains or you won’t be as healthy – you need to eat like 90% vegetables.

  2. Candra Says:

    I keep trying dairy (I’m veg.). I immediately blow up (within a few days), my eyes get puffy with dark circles, I gain weight. There goes the dairy. I have found the most important thing is to eat LOTS of healthy fat – avocado, coconut oil or milk, nuts, seeds. I lose weight when I do that. All cravings disappear.

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