Easy Weight Loss with BodyGem

easy weight loss bodygemIf you are familiar with Easy Weight Loss with BodyBugg post, you already know that for some people, easy weight loss is not just a pipe dream.

Still, I understand that for many, “easy weight loss” is an oxymoron. Be that as it may, it is easy to determine how many calories you “burn” [your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)] with BodyGem.

BodyGem is similar to Bodybugg – its use is no guarantee of an easy weight loss – but that is where similarities end.

BodyGem measure your metabolism with a ten-minute breath test that calculates your oxygen consumption. We need oxygen to breath, but our bodies use oxygen to break down or metabolize food.

BodyGem measure how much oxygen your body needs just to function properly. Hence, it can tell you how many calories you burn just by sitting on a chair doing absolutely nothing, in other words – your RMR.

I found it to be very precise and I highly recommend it. Unfortunately, BodyGem may not be as readily available as it used to be, because the original company no longer exists.

Microlife is expected to continue with BodyGem, but I could not find much information beyond that. The good news is that the product seems to be available at major gym facilities, such as 24 Hour Fitness.

I have checked with other gyms in my area. They told me that they still offer the test.

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