Dwayne Johnson: Workout and Diet

dwayne johnson workout dietDwayne Johnson’s workout and diet are build like a rock. Perhaps this is why some people call him “Dwayne The Rock Johnson”. Yet, Dwayne Johnson is not into heavy workouts or counting everything that he eats.

Let me rephrase that – Dwayne Johnson is not obsessed with his workout or his diet – that is refreshing. But do not be fooled, Dwayne Johnson knows exactly what to do to stay in top shape.

Of course, his definition of a “heavy workout” is probably different from yours. Dwayne Johnson warm ups with a pair of 40-pound dumbbells, and seems to like a combination of high reps, short rest periods, and supersets.

His workouts are relatively short (45 minutes), but to the point. He favors split bodypart training, working only one or two major muscle groups a day.

Although his workout routine is not all about compound movements, it has some good exercises such as military press, back extension, leg press, and preacher curl.

According to September’s issue of Men’s Health magazine, his favorite exercise is swiss-ball pike pushup. His favorite meal is chicken breast with brown rice and steamed broccoli.

When it comes to his diet, Dwayne Johnson believes that having a cheat day is very important. His favorite cheat foods are donuts and pizza, but the diet itself is well rounded.

He consumes about 1 gram of protein for each pound of his bodyweight, a moderate amount of carbs, and supplements daily with multivitamins, ZMA, joint formula, and glutamine.

He also uses protein shakes, while his dietary staples are beef, chicken breast, and vegetables.

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