Drink Water to Lose Weight, Really?

Drink Water to Lose Weight, Really?

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Drink water to lose weight – true or false? Should you drink water to lose weight? How much water should you drink to lose weight? While these questions have already been covered in the previous post – or so I thought – some people are still confused over this subject.

It gets worse; recently, a fairly prominent diet guru made a claim that you can drink water to lose weight, because water helps clear out unnamed toxins from your body, which is a complete nonsense. If that is not bad enough, he claims that it is a good idea to hydrate with sports drinks, even if you are overweight and do not exercise.

So here is the deal: There is no scientific evidence that you can drink water to lose weight, none, zero, zilch, nulo. All legitimate studies have shown that water does not burn fat or help increase metabolism in any meaningful way. Some studies that were either poorly constructed or have been funded by companies with many conflict of interests do show that drinking a lot of water could aid weight loss, but even in those studies the supposed fat burning effect is negligible, at best.

In short, you should not drink water to lose weight – you should drink water to stay hydrated. As for using sports drinks, most of them are loaded with sugar and calories. Since you can easy get enough liquids from drinking tea, eating fruits, vegetables and drinking regular water, the main purpose of sports drinks is to replenish your body’s electrolyte levels, but you can just buy water with electrolytes, you do not need to drink sugary drinks for that.

As I have already mentioned in the previous post, drinking too much water can have very unpleasant side effects. That said, there is nothing wrong with drinking a little bit of regular water before each meal – it fills up your stomach and might help you consume fewer calories at mealtime.

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