Drea de Matteo Diet

Drea de Matteo Diet

Drea de Matteo‘s diet has to be excellent, right? Why? The reason is simple: Drea de Matteo’s diet should be great because she looks great. It seems like a reasonable assumption, but in reality Drea de Matteo’s diet does not seem all that great. In fact, some would say that Drea de Matteo’s diet is pretty bad. What is wrong with Drea de Matteo’s diet?

She has admitted recently to being a “fast-food junkie.” Now, there is no reason to jump to hasty conclusions about this. Just because she likes fast-food does not mean her overall diet is not healthy and balanced. Maybe she is a fast-food junkie, but if she only indulges her fast-food cravings occasionally, it is not a big deal. If, on the other hand, her fast-food habit is out of control, it will have unpleasant consequences.

Given the fact she looks great in a bikini, she either has an above average metabolic rate, which is unlikely, or she does not really eat that much fast food. So which is it? In my opinion, she probably likes fast food a lot, but her overall diet is pretty balanced. If I am wrong and she constantly eats nothing but junk food, she would have gained a substantial amount of weight by now. You just cannot eat junk all the time and look in a bikini like she does. Bikinis never lie! [source: Star]

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