Dr. Drew Shirtless: Drew Pinsky Shirtless

Dr. Drew Shirtless: Drew Pinsky Shirtless

Dr. Drew shirtless – wow! Seriously, Dr. Drew shirtless looks amazing. What is so special about Dr. Drew’s shirtless look? Where do I begin? The guy is huge, and he is 52. His upper body development is impressive. His arms and are huge. But Dr. Drew shirtless does not look perfect, of course, he seems to be either bloated or he has some belly fat.

I do not think I need to tell him how to reduce belly fat, but it does take away from his otherwise almost perfect look, don’t you think? And there is something else – I think he needs to lose some weight. How much weight do I think Dr. Drew need to lose? Not a lot, obviously. He is not overweight. He just needs to bring out all those muscle. I think he should lose about 10 pounds. If he would do that, he would look totally toned.

What say you – does Dr. Drew shirtless look hot or what? Do you think he needs to lose weight? And what is going on with his midsection? Is he simply bloated or does he really have some belly fat that he needs to lose? [source: Us Weekly]

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2 Responses to “Dr. Drew Shirtless: Drew Pinsky Shirtless”

  1. Marco Says:

    Oh please: if I could look like that when I’m 52 I certainly wouldn’t complain. A little bit of belly fat is nothing, and is practically impossible to get rid of anyway as men reach middle age.

  2. Brian Says:

    I think he looks totally terrific. It’s obvious he takes care of himself.

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