Does Nitric Oxide Work for Weight Loss?

Sorry to sound stupid but here goes. I don’t go to gym or work out regularly but I do a very physical job and was wondering if using a N.O. supplement would benefit me with natural muscle growth? Also does it help with losing body fat and is there a preferred N.O. supplement? Thanks again, Shane. [via Ask Questions]

The answer to your questions can be found in the following two posts: the best nitric oxide supplement and nitric oxide side effects. But to answer your questions, in my opinion, nitric oxide supplements are pretty much useless for weight loss and or muscle growth and depending on the formula used, nitric oxide supplements are potentially dangerous.

If you want to lose weight and gain muscle, read The 4-Hour Body. It is an excellent book that uses a very straightforward and innovative approach to weight loss and muscle grows. If your primary focus is weight loss at this point and you do know what you need to do to start losing weight, read the lose 5 pounds in a week post.

In short, while some supplements allegedly aid weight loss and muscle grows (The 4-Hour Body, for example, recommends using certain supplements that supposedly enhance the weight-loss power of the diet plan explained in the book), I find them simply unnecessary. I know for sure that eating right works, always. It works for weight loss and in conjunction with a good exercise program, it works for muscle grows. Always.

That having been said, assuming you have a proven deficiency in certain nutrients and or vitamins, there is nothing wrong with using supplements, but the key word here is “proven,” which can only be determined with a blood test. Either way, nitric oxide supplements do not fall into the category of supplements that can correct a nutritional, vitamin or mineral deficiency, which makes them useless.

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