Does 17 Day Diet Work?

Does 17 Day Diet Work

Does the 17 Day Diet work? How does the 17 Day Diet work? The 17 Day Diet certainly works, at least for some people, but it is hardly a revolutionary concept. In fact, it is essentially a fancy version of the calorie shifting diet. The calorie shifting diet has been around for a long time and just like the 17 Day Diet, it works for some people. Some, however, find it confusing and tedious.

And what is with the number 17? Why 17 and not, say, 7? I mean, here is how you can lose weight in 7 days. Let’s create a whole new diet around the number 7. Okay, bad idea, obviously, because the only number that really matters is not the number of days, but the number that represents your daily calorie consumption.

That having been said, the 17 Day Diet is structured and relatively easy to follow. The diet consists of four stages. Each stage is designed for a specific purpose. In addition to switching your meal plan every 17 days, there is also 17 minutes of exercise that you have to do every day. The first 17 days are rather restrictive in terms of what you are allowed to eat and how many calories you can consume, but some people claim that they have lost as much as 15 pounds during the first phase, which, if true, should provide enough motivation to keep going with the rest of the stages.

Overall, this is not a bad diet at all. It is an interesting diet to try especially for those who have tried and failed to lose weight on other, more conventional diets. The book has everything you possibly need to follow this diet. It includes detailed description of the plan and a lot of useful recipes. I am still a little bothered by only 17 minutes of exercise. I think you need at least 30 minutes, but since this diet is structured around this number, give it a try without changing anything. If it works for you, great, if it does not, it is probably a good idea to exercise a little longer.

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