Do You Need a Stopwatch to Lose Weight?

Do You Need a Stopwatch to Lose Weight?

Do you need a stopwatch to lose weight? It depends. It pretty much goes without saying that you do not necessarily need a stopwatch to lose weight. At the same time, however, whether or not a stopwatch can help you lose weight really depends on the type of exercises you have chosen to use for weight loss, if you have opted to use an exercise program at all.

If your exercise of choice is walking, which is my favorite exercise for weight loss, you can just use a regular watch to time your walks. You do not need a stopwatch. If, on the other hand, your workout includes weightlifting exercises, a simple stopwatch can make a big difference. Why? Because it is important to monitor your rest periods between sets. Skipping on rest between the sets (or not resting enough time) can quickly lead to overtraining.

Resting too much time between sets is also not a good idea. What is wrong with resting too much? It is counterproductive because it reduces the intensity of your workout, which, in turn, might not provide enough time under tension for your muscles to grow.

What kind of stopwatch should you choose? It does not have to be fancy or expensive, and it does not need to have many functions. Almost any stopwatch will do. The basic stopwatch is all you need.

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