Do Cellulite Creams Work?

Do Cellulite Creams Work?

Do cellulite creams work? There is no shortage of cellulite creams out there that make outlandish cellulite reduction claims. Do all cellulite creams work? Do cellulite creams work at all? It seems reasonable to assume that some cellulite creams can reduce cellulite, but what about cellulite reducing pills? Do they work?

According to the ad above, you can reduce cellulite in 47 days by taking the pill. In fact, the ad claims that this cellulite reducing supplement is clinically proven. So if some cellulite creams work and you can also reduce or even eliminate your cellulite with a pill, why do women still have cellulite?

It is a good question, isn’t it? Why would anyone want to exercise and go on a diet in hopes of losing 10 pounds and reducing cellulite if you can just take a pill? Of course, the ad also says (in the very fine print at the bottom) that the FDA has not confirmed the claims made in this ad, or any other similar ad for that matter.

The bottom line on whether or not cellulite creams work Cellulite creams and pills make sensational cellulite reduction claims that have not been approved by the FDA. In addition, while certain ingredients in these products do show some hope, when it comes to actual cellulite reduction, virtually all scientists agree that more studies are needed to understand how these ingredients work, and if they can be used safely long term.

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