Diuretics and Weight Loss

Diuretics and Weight LossIn a world where pressure to lose weight as quickly as possible may seem unbearable, the use of diuretics for weight-loss has become almost commonplace.

While foods that are natural diuretics are mostly harmless – some seek so-called “natural” diuretics in a supplement form (or herbal diuretics), thinking that they are safer for weight loss purposes – – they are not.

In fact, did you know that diuretics could actually hinder your weight-loss? There is even a punch line for this, “your weight-loss may appear closer that it actually is” – you do not really lose weight – you lose body fluid, which your metabolism needs to burn fat.

Since diuretics are prescribed for people with high blood pressure, if you do not have this condition and take diuretics anyway, your blood pressure can suddenly drop to dangerously low levels.

But that is only one problem, research shows you may also raise your risk of developing diabetes, apparently diuretics can lower blood levels of potassium, which in turn impairs glucose tolerance.

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