Diet Pills That Make You Feel Full

Diet Pills That Make You Feel FullItalian scientists are developing diets pills that can make you feel full for 5 hours. The pill expands to the size of a tennis ball after reaching your stomach and then slowly deflates.

You’ll need to chase the drug with a glass or two of water, which triggers dietary fibers within the medication to swell. The researchers hope to have the weight-loss aid on the market in 2008.

Alternatively, just in case you are not too excited about having a tennis ball from some weird substance in your stomach, you can probably stay full for at least 5 hours if you keep your insulin levels under control, which means eating nutritionally sound meals 4 to 5 times a day.

In other news, Japanese researchers recently proved what dietitians have been saying for years: Slicing your food into strips or chunks may help you eat less. Study participants who compared equal amounts of sliced and whole vegetables rated the sliced serving as much as 27 percent larger.

The end result: Believing that you are eating a larger portion of food causes you to feel more satisfied with fewer calories, according to Kaoru Kohyama, Ph.D., the study author. [source: Men’s Health]

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