Demi Moore W Magazine

Demi Moore W Magazine

Demi Moore‘s W magazine cover – shocking or not? Does the Demi Moore’s W cover finally prove that Demi Moore’s plastic surgery is not just a silly rumor? Yes, it does, assuming the plastic surgery has been performed with a Photoshop. Joking aside, we know how Demi Moore looks in a bikini.

I do not know, maybe I am missing something, but seems to me, the Demi Moore’s W cover is missing one hip. Specifically, her left hip is missing. I know the hip replacement surgery is very popular among seniors, but I had no idea the Hollywood cougars were getting it in their late forties.

In addition, I guess missing one hip is not the only requirement for a magazine cover. You have to look unnaturally skinny, which she does. It seems as if she has lost 15 pounds on that cover. It is not like she is Kelly Clarkson, who needs a lot of digital help in the weight loss department. Demi really does not need to lose weight. She is already pretty thin, that cover makes her look borderline anorexic, which is not attractive.

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