David Krumholtz Fat

David Krumholtz Fat

Is David Krumholtz fat? Well, Krumholtz certainly looks “horizontally gifted.” He is only 30! What went wrong? Puny pecs, a saggy middle…does French fries grow inside his house or something?

Now we know that Krumholtz has what is known as an apple body type. Quick – which weight-loss diet is best suited for people with an apple body type? A low-carb diet, of course. [source: Star]

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9 Responses to “David Krumholtz Fat”

  1. cary Says:


  2. 006 Says:

    Dude he is not fat at all. He just isn’t a typical hollywood stick figure ya jerks.

  3. DG Says:

    Yah soo tre.! he is not fat!
    like 006 said he just isnt a twig like everyone else. plus being a twig like everyone else in the show business is soo dumb. starving urself or eating and throwing up is NOT healthy and soooo nasty, and bad for you. the show business needs to realize you dont have to be a twig to become famous and models you dont have to be a twig cuz not everyone is, being health doesnt mean skinny. health is You, your own health wieght. =]

  4. Jennifer Says:

    He’s not fat, he’s adverage, I mean he doesn’t have a six pack or anything but I’d still do him!

  5. Dubno Val Says:

    that’s only considered ‘average’ in America. Everywhere else sees that as fat.

  6. cherrycoke Says:

    He looks like the men next door!!! O.k. for me he looks much cuter. Anyway… many Americans are fat, but he is just normal and -very important- healthy. It`s not healthy to be so skinny like other people in the showbusiness. Not for themselves and not for the people who watch them and think they must look like them.
    Sorry for my bad english. I`m from germany (:

  7. Isabel Says:

    Uh, hello, he’s fat. But still boyfriend material, he’s cute, his face saves him.

  8. Violette Says:

    David will always be a cutie! And Dubno, I don’t know where you’re coming from but I’m from Germany and I’ve lived in Italy, Greece, and France… trust me, he is average in all those places too.

  9. TPN Says:

    He’s not FAT, but he’s not healthy, either. Let’s be honest, he’s gotta have at least 40 extra lbs. above what is considered a healthy weight based on the body mass index. I’m not debating whether or not he’s cute, that’s pretty easy. He’s adorable. But this picture is not becoming.

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