CrossFit Training

CrossFit TrainingWhat is CrossFit training all about? CrossFit is an exercise training method that’s sweeping the nation. It is consistent with the tradition of Navy Seal and decathlon training.

The CrossFit philosophy of fitness is that people should be prepared for a variety of physical challenges.

What does CrossFit training involve? The fit person can crank out 20 pull-ups and 30 dumbbell swings and then do squats or stationary rowing without passing out or throwing up.

CrossFit training can be thought of as a “rainbow” training program, because it involves aerobic and anaerobic exercise, gymnastics, weightlifting, sprinting, whole-body exercises and calisthenics.

Why CrossFit training is different. While most medical experts view exercise as an important lifestyle habit for promoting health and little else, CrossFit sees fitness training as a way to build whole-body functional fitness that prepares you for almost any physical challenge.

Why CrossFit training is awesome. Because it prescribes a versatile, diverse exercise program involving a variety of sports and training methods that builds functional fitness. And functional fitness is where it is at, folks! [source: FitnessRX]

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