Cookie Diet: Siegal’s Cookie Diet

Cookie Diet: Siegal's Cookie DietWhen beginning a diet we are all well aware of the common enemy that threatens to derail our plans: an excess of food.

In the day and age of potentially unsafe diet pills containing hunger suppressing additives to keep our food intake to a minimum, Dr. Sanford Siegal of the Siegal Medical Group based in Miami, Florida has developed the Cookie Diet.

What is the Cookie Diet? While Siegal’s Cookie Diet may sound too good to be true by its title alone, the diet claims to help patients drop up to 15 pounds per month by following a strict eating plan that allows for one meal per day consisting of 6 ounces of lean white meat and one cup of vegetables.

The rest of the dieter’s daily intake consists of 6 specially made cookies that will – through the addition of oats, rice, whole wheat flour and bran – apparently suppress the hunger that would be associated with such a low daily food intake; yes, the Cookie Diet allows for only 800 calories per day.

The intake of at least 8 glasses of liquids, coffee and tea, is also recommended on this diet, but it worries me that the Cookie Diet falls below 1200 calories a day, which is considered to be the minimum daily calorie intake for an adult.

Should you consider using the Cookie Diet? In my biased and I think fair opinion, there is a less-stressful way to lose weight. However, I have heard rave reviews about this diet from many people who claim that the Cookie Diet is the best thing that ever happened to them.

How does the Cookie Diet work? Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet is based on the amino acids that naturally occur in the cookies given the specific ingredients and, unlike diet pills that use chemicals and other unnatural agents, suppresses hunger naturally and efficiently, according to the Siegal Medical Group.

What is the science behind the Cookie Diet? Proper scientific studies have yet to be published mostly due to the fact that the cookies themselves are available only online and to patients attending one of Siegal’s six clinics in the United States and Canada.

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  1. charlie Says:

    i belive it works but i must say the cookies taste like a used dish sponge with the same chewiness

  2. Nicole Says:

    I’ve been on it for a week and have lost 4 lbs. They arent the best tasting, but it’s easy to count your calories, thus making you aware of what you’re really ingesting every day! I got a 3 week supply, I will update. Good Luck!

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