Cook Yourself Thin

Cook Yourself Thin

Can you really cook yourself thin? I think so, if you know how to lose weight, and how to cook, you can cook yourself thin. In fact, Cook Yourself Thin is the name of the new show that teaches people how, well, cook yourself thin.

Of course, even if you watch the show on Lifetime (a must see, by the way), you probably not going to remember everything they show and talk about, but do not worry, the new book, Cook Yourself Thin, is the show’s reference guide – so even if you do not watch the show, or if you miss something, you can always go back.

So, what is Cook Yourself Thin all about? Each week, the trio of Cook Yourself Thin chefs pick a person who is having trouble losing weight and teaches him or her how to cook favorite foods using recipes that taste great and have half the calories.

In the first episode, the chefs unveil ways to turn lasagna, steak and even cupcakes into great-tasting diet food. It is an eye-opening approach that will have you grabbing the mixing bowls to try their techniques for yourself. [via]

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