Cook Yourself Thin Recipes

Cook Yourself Thin Recipes

The idea behind Cook Yourself Thin‘s recipes is simple: Lose the bulge and still indulge! Those are the watchwords behind the cookbook, Cook Yourself Thin, and its recipes by the team from Lifetime’s Cook Yourself Thin.

How can Cook Yourself Thin‘s recipes make you, well, thin? Can Cook Yourself Thin‘s recipes help you lose weight? Candice Kumai, one of the show’s chef-hosts, has tried to answer these questions in a recent interview:

So how can you indulge and lose weight? Our thing is moderation, not deprivation – if you deprive yourself, you are going to cheat. The book is about lifestyle change. There are a million tricks we know.

Like what? Greek yogurt has calcium and protein and the exact same consistency as sour cream. Sweet potato fries instead of fried french fries. Take out pasta and bake with zucchini strands. You can still have all your favorites, but we took out all the excess fat and calories.

The chocolate cake looks delish – but there are beets in it! It is [cohost] Harry’s recipe. She loves experimenting with vegetables and tries to incorporate them. Zucchini bread, sweet potato pie. Vegetables are a lighter way of adding texture and moisture.

Do you three follow the CYT lifestyle? I am not going to say I do not go out for a great burger. We eat real foods – we are just more conscious of what we are putting into our diet every day. [via]

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