Complete Weight Management System

Complete Weight Management System

Body of Knowledge: The Complete Weight Management System for a Lifetime of Health by Dr. Robert J. Moore III.

Body of Knowledge: The Complete Weight Management System is not just another diet book. Okay, actually it is similar to many other diet books out there, but it presents things a little differently, in a good way.

There is a reason “the complete weight management system” is part of the title; it does offer a pretty good plan for creating a healthy lifestyle.

Starting with an explanation on how your body functions and why fad diets and extreme exercise plans may not have worked for you, the author (a former athlete who has been practicing medicine for 15 years) offers information and techniques to customize your own weight, fitness, and lifestyle management plan.

Sections on food and eating habits, activity and exercise, and useful charts help anyone to put it all together to create a healthier life. [source: Taste for Life]

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