Clenbuterol for Weight Loss Hits Hollywood

Clenbuterol for Weight Loss Hits HollywoodWhile the rest of the country ponders how to lose weight, Hollywood came up with its own solution. In la-la land, when it comes to a quick fat loss, Clenbuterol [also known as “Clen”] is the latest craze.

Technically, Clenbuterol is not a steroid. It is, however, a drug commonly prescribed to treat respiratory problems in horses. In higher than therapeutic doses, it has an ability to induce muscle grows, which is why it has also been used [illegally] in livestock.

In humans, Clenbuterol can promote eye-popping fat loss. Similar to ephedrine, Clen [unlike ephedrine] does not interfere with sleep, and it stays in your system longer.

It does have similar [to ephedrine] side effects; it could cause jitteriness, accelerated heart rate, elevated blood pressure and a nasty headache.

Still, in bodybuilding and other sports, it has been a popular drug for weight loss – – which is hardly surprising. But according to Star magazine, Clenbuterol has been discovered by Hollywood – – great, all we need now is another weigh loss fad.

Where do they get Clenbuterol? It is illegally imported from Mexico, Canada and it is illegally sold on some Internet sites.

In the case of some starlets, their stylists give it to them. […] Insiders even refer to one well-known, Clen-dispensing celeb stylist as a “horse”, and her stable of young, beautiful movie and- TV-star clients as “mares!”

The trainers here laugh themselves silly listening to celebrities talk about their ‘diets’. […] While Clen may be able to carve out near-skeletal, couture-perfect proportions in a flash, it also has repercussions!

Since Clen builds up quickly in the body […] after three to four weeks, it can have the opposite effect and users can gain weight!

That could be why so many Hollywood’s skinnies seem to gain back the pounds as fast as they lose them – before starting the dangerous cycle again and again! – – according to Star.

Please keep in mind, Clenbuterol is illegal and dangerous for humans. In my opinion, its weight loss and fat loss effects are overrated. The so-called Hollywood’s latest diet pill [Clen] is just a fad, which I hope will pass quickly.

For a permanent and healthy weight loss, your best bet is a balanced diet and exercise. If you do not know what diet to follow, take a look at this program or Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle. These programs are legal and will teach you how to lose weight permanently. Oh, and they are easy to follow, so you can get started in no time.

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  1. lp-dan Says:

    So does Clenbuterol work for weight loss?

  2. mike Says:

    Clenbuterol weight loss, I don’t know. I seem to agree with the ifithealthy, burn the fat feed the muscle is for real. Why risk it with a horse drug?

  3. BENITA Says:


  4. Ruby Says:

    I have been on it for two weeks. And I can and will say this. I have lost some weight! Though, I have also cut back on my food intake and I use a “Yoga Ball” also.

    There is NO auto-diet pill………..But this one is damn close!

  5. ana Says:

    where did you get it?

  6. MICAELA Says:

    where did you buy it from…what website, if one used?

  7. Pickle Says:

    I wanna know if anyone out there has done the cycle and what happened after you went off of it? How did you feel and how much body fat did you lose?

  8. christy Says:

    where did you buy it from?

  9. Greg Says:

    Where do you buy this stuff?

  10. Jennifer Says:

    I used Clen for 3 weeks and lost a total of 14.75 pounds. I know this method is not the safest way to lose weight but it was the much need boost to keep me going.

  11. chris Says:

    I have been on clen for 4 weeks, Before Clen… 6’2 230lbs. Now… i am at 210 lbs. Slowly increase your Clen and up your protien and amino’s and drink lots of water and cut t6he fats out of your foods. Eat 5-6 small meals a day to up your metabo… and most importantly CARDIO. You need to be active while on Clen. If your are willing to put this stuff in your body you need to Work so it works on your body the correct way.

  12. Michele Says:

    I am 44, belong to weight watchers, take the new alli and eat a very, very low fat diet. I gain about a pound a day or stay at 160. I am 5’3. I am on a medicine for fibromyalgia. Otherwise I have no health issues, just this arthritis stuff. I used to be a jockey and 100-110lbs. Very healthy and athletic. Now I would like to find out if this Clen really works. All I need is a head start. I already eat right. I can’t exercise that much but I’m working on it.
    Please give me the whole scoop on the Clen.
    Thanks, Michele

  13. me Says:

    i have found that while it is claimed that clen will not interfere with sleep, it most certainly did for me. felt like i was crawling out of my skin.
    Maybe i increased my dose too fast…

  14. k.m Says:

    just do the wright doz and you will be fine,,itraid it and ilost 10 p in just 3 weeks with just cardio 30 to 40 min aday 5 days aweek…best of luck

  15. chris h Says:

    Im a bodyguard and extremely fit but at 39 I started to gain unwanted pounds that daily excersise wasnt shifting anymore. A friend from the Marines introduced me to Clenbuterol and I proceeded through the loading phase to taking 4 x 20mg tablets a day for 2 months. I lost the weight but found that working on a security detail in Iraq; It was playing havoc with my nervous system. As soon as I stopped taking the drug I started getting rhumatic pains in both wrists and both knees which became so painful I have to take Arcoxia to function normally. I have been diagnosed with reactive rhumatoid arthritis; there is no conclusive proof that this was caused by the Clenbuterol but it seems like a strange coincidence. I would be interested to hear form anyone who had a similar experience and I would urge anyone who is considering the drug to consult a doctor first.

  16. Ian Says:

    My Partner needed to loss weight and body fat to fit a Bridesmaid Dress that was very tight fitting at the 1st fitting in February (the wedding is in Septemeber). So after that fitting, I suggested she try a Clen Cycle of 6 weeks on 6 weeks off. I didnt think that she was that bad to begin with ( 12st 8llbs of Pregnancy fat) But since the beginning she has dropped down to 10st 3lbs. Not only that but her chest size has come down 3 sizes, waist 2 sizes and her thighs 3 sizes. He confidence levels have increased a great deal and as a result is eating better and living better and continues her cycles. She was aware of all of the side effects and said the only thing she noticed in the beginning was that her hands where pretty shakey. But that lasted a few days until her body adjusted and as she increased the dose didnt feel any of the same effects. I would recommend if last resort. But I put my trust in 100% manual effort.

  17. Carla Davis Says:

    I have a heart val that leks is this safe for me

  18. yvonne Says:

    i need to know where this clen can be purchased online?!?! found loads of reportson it and facts but cant buy it!! where is it? someone help me please

  19. kristyn Says:

    how much does it cost ?

  20. Patrick Says:

    Yes, Clen works very well! You can lose 15 lbs within 2 weeks with proper diet and excerise. I would say its like adding a turbo to ur car!! Shit really works! Check with a doctor before using.

  21. Miri Says:

    Can only confirm that the results are increadible especially if stacked with T3 cytomel + Clenbuterol. I bought from [Admin’s note: removed] and it is real clen and not coffein like its sold many times..

  22. claire Says:

    where can i buy this clen?

  23. Cindy Says:

    It works. Have been on it for one month. I watched what I ate but did not really diet. Did pilates 3 times weekly and lost 40 pounds !! I had not been able to lose weight and the weight just fell off me. And I find what I lost was fat. I look so toned.

  24. Jenni Says:

    Has anyone that has taken Clen become pregnant after taking? What are the possibilities of birth defects even after you stop taking the stuff? Also Anyone know where the best place to get it is?

  25. Jenni Says:

    Has anyone taken the Clenbuterol and T3 together? I have been reading a great deal on the effectiveness of the 2 together.

  26. petra Says:

    Did find clenbuterol for sale but do not know what brands work – have been told that there are differences in quality- can someone tell me which brand works well? Where can i buy save clenbutero online

  27. petra Says:

    i guess it is not allowed to give addresses where to purchase clenbuterol online. how can i get save information? i am willing to give my e-mail address
    Did anyboby have problems with headaches? is it important to work out more?

  28. Yadda Says:

    You can pick it up @ any Pharmacy in Mexico. Put it on your “to do” list for your next Mexican vacation. I’m shocked at the rip off prices online. You can actually buy it via pet supply in the US, but will need a prescription. FYI it will shoot your heart rate through the roof during cardio. I didn’t find that I dropped much more in body fat than usual. Serious headache, cold sweats, trembling hands. Not much change in appetite either. I take T3/T4 legally…actual low thyroid, so I wouldn’t know how it worked on it’s own…I assume not much better. “Hollywood” is all about coke, coffee and cigs, so maybe the clen isn’t the real “skinny” maker. Good luck and watch out for online sting ops.

  29. Crystol Says:

    I am so scared to take this. I am scared that I will be working out and have a heart attack or something. Are there any reputable websites that give information on this as far as dosage suggestions and so forth???

  30. Dawn Says:

    It is possible to loose a shit load of weight in a month and it only takes devotion on ones behalf I was on the “weight watchers diet” I ate that frozen shit out of a box and I lost 30 pounds in a month but I’d like to eat and actually enjoy it while loosing weight rapidly its easy to get discouraged if your not seeing quick results…..

  31. madie Says:

    i am from south africa, how can i buy the stuff

  32. Sonyia Says:

    Please tell me what the web-site is to purchase Clenbuterol

  33. nicole Says:

    Could someone tell me what a start off dose off clen is and how long to take it before you take a break?

  34. Sam Haward Says:

    i have done a cycle of Clenbuterol, my advice for u guys is that never use it unless u workout, it helped me well, im not fat yet i took it to get the 6 packs i always wanted and i got nearly there, yet it will make u more nervous, makes u shiver and if u suffer migraine dont get near to it.
    Again, if u have to take it let me be 1 Hour before your workouts.




  36. Mary Says:

    which website could i use to order these tablets?
    thanks in advance.

  37. Laura Says:

    I recently purchased clen online but in liquid form does anyone know about converting doses to mls? I didn’t take enough the first time and it made no difference but the second time I took way too much and was awake all night with severe palpitations.

    I would be willing to email anyone with info on where to buy the liquid clen if they post their email.

  38. Wosic Says:

    i have a friend who works in a gym. she told me to take clen with an aspirin and a cup of coffee.she adviced me to take clen 2 weeks and then 2 weeks off. and then again, if i want to, i can repeat the cycle up to 6 times.

  39. kat Says:

    i’v just bought this stuff and taking 1 tablet in the morning and one at night for 2 weeks on then having 2 weeks off, do i need to increase the dosage?

  40. danielle Says:

    im starting clen on liquid form but im getting the dosage amounts from a man thats 6’2 and im only 5’1 and i weight about 125 does anyone have any idea of how much dosages i should be taking? how many calories should i be consuming a day.. i only consume about 1000 a day..should i have more or less..please write back!!!!

  41. Belle Says:

    I say do the proper diet & exercise I hear the cabbage soup diet is good you can lose up to 8 pounds a week and eat as much of the soup as you want I also say try nutra-trim gum to help cravings I am 5″7 and 140 pounds but I am working on a healthy diet plan b/c I won’t take any kind of pill …

  42. MICHAEL Says:


  43. Kyle Says:

    Hi I have just started Clenbuterol after gaining 2 stone after major knee surgery.
    I have always been active and played lots of sports before my injurys.
    Into day 3 and have the hand shakes no headaches or muscle cramps but am seeing a tighter waist line already. My partner is a doctor and as checked my blood pressure etc and it seems fine.

    What have you got to loose if its good enough for the Celebs why can’t we give it a go?

  44. yackeline Says:

    hello if any one can email me telling me where to get this pill please.
    and can you still lose weight if you dont workout and eat regular?
    please help me out im 160 and want to lose 50 pounds this year .
    thaNK YOU ALL

  45. Ashton.... Says:…. someone… email me and tell me where i can buy liquid clem. or pills…

  46. grace Says:

    I am starting clen soon. I will be taking it in liquid form. I was told to start with one small drop on my tongue. can someone tell me if it’s ok to start this way?

  47. Lizzi Says:

    Hey, would someone be able to email me where to purchase this stuff online please, preferably someone who has took it and can tell me what happend. thanks

  48. Serge Says:

    Good evening!

    I heard about Clen for the first time this evening while at the gym. Someone was talking about how someone they knew had been taking the liquid form, 5 days on, 2 days off, for 1 month and dropped 30 lbs while working out lightly and doing lots of cardio.

    I used to take xenadrine back when it was popular and I dropped 30lbs on it in about 45 days at the time and it made me feel funny after a while.

    Anyone in the U.S. buy Clen in liquid form over the web? If so, did you have problems shipping it? Also, liquid v. pill, which is safer? which is more effective?

    If anyone can provide me with this info, I will sincerely appreciate it. I guess I’m just curious more than anything. I may be contacted at:


  49. Coleen Says:

    Anyone that knows where this can be purchased in real pill forms that is the acctuall clenbuerol please email me.

    And why don’t people ever reply on here to where to buy this product? if you can’t post it email it please.

    THANKYOUUUUUUUUU i hope to hear from someone who is serious
    and i will see if you are being for real

  50. Coleen Says:

    and you can find it there if you type in ‘stores with Clenbuterol to lose weight’

  51. Debbie Says:

    I got a hold of these pills but not sure how to take them. Can anyone advise? 40 year old female. 5’7″ 209lbs. Please email me.

  52. stacy Says:

    I need to lose 20 lbs in a month I am 34 years old 5’8 and 200 lbs I am the mother of 3 children ages 8 and younger and I really need to lose weight . We are going to disney world in March and I would like to feel somewhat comfortable with my body by then. You can email with how to get this product on line.

  53. stacy Says:

    my email is

  54. AJAY Says:

    clen is a effective drug ppl…these days the air we breath is also harmfull…if u take this thing wont affect u at all…take clen for 15 dys…4 tablet per day…2 in mornin and 2 after lunch….control diet…but dont take it after 15 days…give a rest some time around 2 weeks..then again take it..this is the correct method…other wise it wont be that effective

  55. LIZ Says:

    would really appreciate it if someone could tell me where to buy some clen. i’m afraid of getting scammed. email me at

  56. Theron Says:

    I’m interested in a reputable website, please email me at with a reliable source. Thnx

  57. Carolyn Says:

    I am wondering if anyone could send me the link to buy this… a place that worked and isn’t a total rip off. Also does anyone know if you can buy it legally in South Africa or Turkey?

  58. Carolyn Says:

    my email is :



  59. erin Says:

    I had good experience with [edited] have all the clen symptoms and more then i ever did over the last 2 weeks.. hope it stays off šŸ˜‰

  60. Kim Says:

    Could someone please tell me where to get the real clen pills?? I don’t want to be scammed! my email is thank you!!

  61. donald ray Says:

    Will someone email where I can get the real deal. Need to loose weight, always been athlete until car accident. Need to heal and get ahead start!! My email is

  62. mcd35 Says:

    my sister is getting married in may 08 and i need to loss at least 60 lbs by then. im eating right and exercise 3 times a week and walk every morning at 5am before i go to work. time is running out and i need a jump start to finish this off by may. Anyone in the U.S. buy Clen in liquid form over the web? If so, did you have problems shipping it? Also, liquid v. pill, which is safer? which is more effective?

    If anyone can provide me with this info, I will sincerely appreciate it. you can email me at


  63. Says:

    it worked for me, really good, I actually liked the shaky dizzy feel (seriouly), it made me feel tired and not hungary thou, whhich I liked also, I like sleeping, it helped me sleep. I used liquid clen, I like better since I’m vegan & can’t eat gelatin (liquid works faster and better anyways I hear) :)

  64. Says:

    oh, some more weight loss help tips:
    meat and milk is REALLY bad on your digestive system (if any, eggs and seafood is best).
    raw foods are really best for your body, more salad and non-sweet fruits (berries, lemons/grapefruit, tomato, cucumber, etc) than anything else.
    if u want good protein, tofu works wonders, unless your allergic (like me), spirulina is perfect!

  65. Says:

    okies~ I emailed as many ppl who gave there email addresses as I could. hope i helped you all ^.^

  66. pitterpatter Says:

    I started taking clen yesterday @ 7am. i took a 50mcg capsule….felt good most of the day, except really shaky and hyper. By about 3pm, I had a terrible headache and was very nauseous. By 5pm, I was at home sick as a dog (vomitting and feverish), and that continued until about 10pm last night. I slept through the night no problem, and got up feeling pretty good this morning.
    I decided to 1/2 my dose today (so 25mcg) and I am still shaky, but not as bad as yesterday. We’ll see how it goes! I am giving it a week to gauge how I feel.

    Anyone know how to minimize the side effects?

  67. Tracy77 Says:

    Can’t find the answer to this question!!!!

    I do cardio and light weight training. I don’t eat meat (only fish) and I supplement protein with beans and shakes. I’ve read all the dosing advice and short and long term side effects of clenbuterol.

    I’m trying to find out if you take Clen for just 4-6 weeks to get cut fat/increase muscle and don’t want to ever take it again – will you automatically gain the weight back if you’re continuing to workout and eat a low-carb diet?

    In other words, keeping a good nutrition and exercise plan before, during, and after taking Clen, if you just want to take it once (one 4-6 week period) – will the stopping of the Clen alone cause you to gain the weight back?

  68. patrick Says:

    i’ve been reading up on this for a little bit before i thought of trying it. all the sites with cycles recommend started off around 25 mcg then increasing every six days. never go higher then 100mcg. then tapper back down and stay off for 5 weeks to let you body chemistry return to normal.

  69. natalie Says:

    Ok..i was taking CLen about 5months ago and it worked great. I am very senstive to caffeine, so these pills neither made me sick or had anxiety attacks. the site i was using a few months back became sketchy…
    does anyone out there (who is famaliar with clen) know of any RELIABLE sites that i can make a new purchase from???
    email me at

    THANKS sooooo much!!!!!!!!!

  70. the truth Says:

    1) Clen is illegal. You can get it where you get other illegal substances (the gym)
    2) It works but like anything else, you have to live up to your end of the bargain
    3) you have to pyramid it so you don’t drop dead of a heart attack by dosing heavy on the first day
    4) you can stay on it consistently by using benadryl after the 2nd week for 7 days then drop the B then again after another 2 weeks

    Just a note, if you’re going to do anything to your body, do some research first! this is the problem with steroids and anything related from it. its safer than alcohol, but the idiots out there abusing it ruin it for everybody

  71. dsidle Says:

    if someone would PLEASE email me where to buy clen pills online i would really really appreciate it!! =) SHINNY ONE? anyone?? any information would be great. i have researched it alot buy am afraid to buy online….thanks so much! my email is

    thanks again!

  72. Peanutbutterman Says:

    Please email me on a safe place to get it and your expierence with it I am very interested even if i never get it before and after pics would be tight! thanks !

  73. Gino Says:

    clen is awesom ive been on it for a week now and alreadl lost 5 pounds!! I get that jitterness also the first coupl of days but my body got used to it. good stuff!!

  74. momofmany Says:

    Please email me at andyps3 at (remove spaces) and let me know the best place to buy clen online. I’m a somewhat fit mom of 6. I eat healthy and excercise but after my 4th baby was born by c-section and 2 vbacs after that I just can’t seem to lose the tummy flab. I have 20lb. to lose to be back to my “normal” weight of about 120. Thanks!

  75. cherished10 Says:

    Please email me

    cherished10 at

    as I have been battling to loose my son’s baby weight for the last 3 years.

    Want to know a reliable e-mail address on where to buy but not being ripped off either.
    Only intend to use this as a kick start to get my metabolism working before I can rebuild back my exercise routine.

    Notice a website offering 600 tablets for Ā£90.00 straight from supplier but not sure even though website looks genuine and stated if customs seized my order I would not be charged as they have delivery guarantee on all orders.

  76. kelsey Says:

    please anyone who knows where to get this stuff online email me at :) PLEASEEE

  77. Dustin K Says:

    I have done quite a bit of reading online about clen over the last couple years but have never taken it. I am thinking about trying it out this spring. I have an online source that I think is good but I would appreciated if someone would email me with info about a quality source.

    Thanks, Dustin

  78. Barbie Says:

    I tried Clenbuterol. With in the 1st week i lost 7 pounds but i dont think it had to only due to the pill…it was due to me not eating anything at all because of the drepression i was in. After the 2 nd week of taking clenbuterol my weight started going back up…and now after 1 month later i’m back at the weight i initially started.

    I was soooooooo upset because i had heard of how clenbuterol was “the miracle pill” and the “size zero pill” and i didnt get those miracle results.

  79. Jim Says:

    When you take it your supposed to do 3-4 weeks on 2 weeks off or else you will gain the weight. also try monitoring your body temperature everyday it should go up half a degree, since it is thermogenic, when your body temp goes back to normal you cycle off

  80. cherished10 Says:

    Sorry notice error in my web address, should be:

    Please I would be so grateful if someone would e-mail where they have had a good ordering relationship with a certain web site.

    An early reply would be so appreciated…..


  81. Rusty Says:

    Please if someone would email me where to buy from all the sites I have found seem to be too weird

  82. Barbie Says:

    Thank you Jim! that was very helpful information…

    To all trying to obtain a website:

    I tried posting the website where i purchased the pills but this website wont approve my comment.

    just google :

  83. Barbie Says:

    the website should come up =)

  84. toby Says:

    does anyone know where to buy clenbuterol online. i good website not a fake. thanks!!!!!!!!!! email me at thanks again….

  85. toby Says:

    barbie…….. did you teach at daystar?

  86. manuela Says:

    hi can someone please email me at and let me now where i can purchase the real clenbuterol pill. I don’t want to be scammed.. Thank You

  87. Alan Says:

    I have take these pills while i was in London, and i promise you ppl – i have dropped from a size 38 jean to a size 32. the pills wont do all the work, you have to diet and work out!

    But the pill sure as hell works!

    Im looking to get it in South Africa now for somebody, if you guys can tell me where to get it i would apprecaite it. shot!


  88. Misty Says:

    Could someone please tell me where to buy clen from or a trusted website?? I don’t want to be scammed or get fake product! Also I would like to know if it is better to take Clen by itself for what other combinations would work best. Thanks!!!

  89. HollyDolly Says:

    Someone PLEASE email me the site where they purchased this stuff! I’ve been doing reseach on this for a while and I’m finally ready to try it!

    Thank you and good luck everyone!


  90. southerngirl Says:

    Can someone email me where you can buy this stuff from a legit site?

    is it better than adipex (phentermine)? does it cause insomina like adipex does? i need to lose the last 10-15pds that will not come off and would like a little help.

    thanks for your help:-)

  91. dukefan Says:

    Hi! PLEASE someone email me about where to buy the pill!! it would really be appreciated!!
    ALSO-are there any other side effects known besides the ones listed? any diet restrictions? thank you!

  92. Katie Says:

    Hi! I’m also really desperate to find a good website….if someone could e-mail me the name of a good one, I’d really apprecaite it! Thank you all and I hope we lose weight!!

  93. toby Says:

    im pretty frustrated, no one has emailed me or posted a good source, or at least where to find a source. why will no one be kind enough to hook each other up?

  94. rogelio maciel Says:

    i bought some clenbuterol down in mexicali about 6.00 u.s. for a bottle of 50. i’ve only taken it for two days but i feel like my lungs are on steroids, when i work out i can work out longer and harder and i think it has to do with my oxygen uptake, i will repost in a couple of weeks and let you all know how it worked for me in terms of weight loss

  95. karam Says:

    i want to say i have been on and off since i was 16, if you can get it in the pump from its the shit. you will see the fat come off. but read up on it and make sure you trust who get it off. do 4 days on 2 off

  96. karam Says:

    one more thing people NEVER BUY IT FROM A WEBSITE……. what are you thinking. please read up on it do a internet search

    KSD out

  97. DOH Says:

    hey i bought some of this stuff i just need to know the cycle for it someone please email me at

  98. Dave Says:

    there are ways this can be purchased david durso at y ahoo no spaces

  99. Del Says:

    I have just bought some of this in tablet form. I have been told to take 1 tablet daily for 2 days and then one day off. I am not 100% sure how much mg is in the tablet are they usually 20/25mg? Is this an effective dosage and how quickly should i see results? i have also started exercising at least 4 times a wk! Should i up the dosage at anytime?

  100. Jacob Says:

    Eat 3-5 grams of taurine along with the clen each day to avoid the muscle cramps…

  101. Alicia Says:

    I have found a website to order clen almost 2 months ago. I purchased a large amount and have yet to see my order.. Therefore i will not put that website on here… If any one of you were to be so kind and email the link where i can but clen either liquid or capsule I’ll be really appreciative…
    Thankyou so much!!!!!

  102. Deb Says:

    Hi, I used a very low dose of Ephedra in Metabolite 356 back in 2000. Since then, I’ve yet to find a product to replace the effect it had (cutting my appitite/burning fat). After searching the internet, I do believe Clen might be able to replace that effect I’ve missed greatly. However, I am very nervous to buy via Western Union from places like (Slovenia) LOL….Does anyone have experience where I can safely (and fairly priced) purchase Clen? My email is

    Thanks so much and good luck all

  103. Kat Says:

    yes it does actually work, i got it and used it it’s great… now i’m just having trouble getting more. :(

  104. Kat Says:

    BARBIE –

    did you receive the product you purchased from that site yet? I don’t want to order if i’m going to be scammed.


    you can email me at

  105. Jenn Says:

    I’m looking for a reputable place to purchase Clen online. Would someone please email me any useful information. . I would really appreciate it.

  106. minda sanchez Says:

    I was wondering which website I can order Clen from which is trustable and I won’t get scam. I found one but Ihave to put money in wester union and I don’t know if I can trust it, can anyone let me knpw what website and i f they have tried it?

  107. dean Says:

    I went on clen for 9 days and cycled with eca stack, was doing cardio 5 times a week and weight training 4 to 5 (cardio was in morning before breakfast which i dont do anymore as i think it is very catabolic) i was eating 5 to 6 small meals a day protein based and cutting back on the carbs later in day and the results on fat loss were amazing, i definately dropped a few pounds of pure fat, if i had repeated the cycle one more time i would have been ripped! clen isnt a quick fix though, you have to combine it with proper nutrition and eating the right foods at the right times and weight training and cardio! if you dont know what you have to eat to acheive a muscular and lean physique your in the wrong place, go leanr the basics before you start adding things liek clen! the most important things are patients motivation and to be determined to reach your goal!

  108. Del Says:

    Kat, i wondered how quickly you seen results? How many tablets did you take a day? I have now been on for 2 wks and being going to the 4 times a wk and so far not seen much results!

  109. shashank Says:

    hi , i m shashank
    i m using clen from past 5 weeks and i have reduced 15 kgs, now i m satisfied wid my muscularity . one tab a day is enough with proper workout schedule and professional trainer . clen give me extraaaaaaaaaa power to enjoy my work out , i sweat a lot .

  110. natalie Says:

    Can anyone please email me a site i can buy clen from,really dont want to be scammed.thanks

  111. Savanna Says:

    The more researching i do on clen the more confused i become! Do i stay on it for 2 days then off for 2 days, for 3-4 weeks then off for 2? do i have to ween myself off? im so lost..besides i dont feel comfortable asking ppl at my gym if they know where i can get some clen because ill look like a weirdo junkie lol.

  112. Rio Luna Says:

    Hi, would someone be able to help me, I would like to know how much and how often should I take clen for. Does anybody know? I want to lose the last 20 lbs I gained after my baby, I am currently 135lbs and 5ft 2in tall. I have research just like Savanna and I am very confused as well. What would be a good cycle for me? Thank you.

  113. cherished10 Says:

    Hi fellow bloggers been given 5 Scam sites where not to buy clen from.
    as unable to list sites here, if you e-mail I will send you the details.

    If anybody else has been scammed, please forward me the details & I can add them to my record files.

    However, if there are genuine happy customers of Clen who have found genuine websites, then e-mail that address also. Please note, all possible scammers I will not be registering your details.

  114. cherished10 Says:

    In reply to Rio Luna:

    Depends what type of Clen you taking liquid or tablet format.
    If tablets are they 20mcg or 40mcg??

    Some do it over a 2 week cycle & some over 28 days.
    If it is you 1st time they recommend you start low, work your way up & then reduce it again until ou come off your cycle.

    For Clen to work to its maximum you need to be reguarly excercising.

  115. Superwoman Says:

    hey guys, just started on Clen, got the shakes but i’m thinking thats a good thing. Its working! My tummy already looks a little more defined, and i don’t really feel like eating that much! The website i got it from was super super fast, received my package within 2 days (in the UK) and US can receive it in just 4 days…[Edited]…should come up as the first website. Working a treat! Hope this helps.
    I heart Clenbuterol.

  116. v3mask Says:

    Would anyone advise me the web site for purchasing clen from. Many thanks

  117. James Says:

    Just wanted to help you all out a little bit.
    Buying illegal drugs right now is going to be increasingly difficult.
    This is because of 2 seperate reasons. The first reason, is the fact
    that the Olympics are nearing. The fact that they are being held in
    China has all but shut down the steroid business for a few months.
    The second reason and perhaps the larger of the two. is Operation
    Raw Deal. I suggest you google it.

    Does clen work? YES plain and simply it WILL work. Will you loose
    60 pounds in 2 months? NO WAY. You should remain realistic here…
    Clen will cut you down on average 15 to 20 pounds. Those that
    work harder and keep their diet in control will lose more, and those
    of you that continue your same ole ways will lose less. Staying
    thin is a lifestyle choice. Changing you lifestyle is the hardest thing
    you will ever do, and without that change.. YOU WILL BE FAT AGAIN.

  118. James Says:

    Savannah, your best bet to know when to rotate on and off is to simply take your temperature for one week everyday at the same time. Get and average and write that number down. After you start taking clen your going to have increased body temperature. After about three weeks start watching your temperature again. When it returns to you normal pre-clen temperature, then this means you need to rotate off of it for a few weeks.

    tyical is 3 weeks on 2 weeks off. If you want to go longer than 3 weeks, then you need to take benedryl before you go to bed. This can extend your cycle a week or two, but in my opinion, it is best to just cycle off and wait the 2 weeks.

  119. prttygrl21 Says:

    Hi can someone PLEASE email me and tell me where I can get good quality clen. I used it and I love it, I originally purchased it from a trainer in my gym but he no longer has it, and I dont want to get it from a fake website so I’d really appreciate some feedback and where all of you are getting yours. Thanx so much and good luck, summer is around the corner :).

  120. prttygrl21 Says: effective is the liquid…I’m in good shape, just some trouble areas that really wont budge. I heard the liquid is best for this purpose…IF ANYONE has info on it please let me know . as well as the websites to purchase. Thanxxxxx

  121. curious Says:

    I started taking clen but hear so many different instructions on what is the best cycle and what type of diet to follow. Those of you who lost: Did you follow a low fat or a low carb diet and what cycle did you use?

  122. beachgirl Says:


    I’d really appreciate it, thanks

  123. Tia Says:



    please email me if u noe where i can get this! thanx!

  124. jeremy Says:

    i have had better results on just eating better. cut our alcohol, sugar and low carbs. I lost 20lbs in 2 weeks on south beach with no working out. south beach really works and there are no side effects. don’t take clen if you are planning on getting pregnant or have ANY heart issues.

  125. tracey Says:

    type [edited out] into google to find the real thing online.

    You will see what i mean when the blurb comes up. I got hold of genuine Clen (shakes, headaches etc), in 10mcg tabs – which is good for controlling your dose without a pill cutter, especially a lower dose if your a woman.

    You also get a cycle plan and guide sheet with your purchase – but remember the guide assumes 40mcg tablets and is for a man. Best advice – halve the dose if you are a woman.

    Have only been on it a few days, not much weight loss on the scales – but I look slimmer and more toned already.

    Good luck

  126. Danny Says:

    Hey could someone tell me where to get clen/T3 online I really want to try it since Ive heard some great things.

  127. Kelly Says:

    Please emial me and tell me where i can get this stuff!! Please please


  128. Tara Says:

    Would someone please kindly email me and let me know where I can get genuine Clenbuterol at a fair price.

    Thank you.

  129. alicia Says:

    please let me know of a good site to get the clen from that is real?ASAP

  130. samantha Says:

    Does anyone know how Clen will affect my thyroid?? I have a hypo(under)active thyroid… and I am not on medication (synthroid) I need to lose some baby weight.. is this a bad idea??

  131. Tiazia Says:

    Hi everyone!

    I just ordered my first set of Clen tablets and looking forward to achieving great results. I am concerned that I had to pay thru Western Union in order to make a purchase from a European company in a city called Sofia, in the country of Bulgaria.

    If anyone has any information or knows anything about scams out of Bulgaria or websites that we should avoid, I would really appreciate it. Had I known about this site earlier, I defintely would have asked here fisrt before shipping off almost $75 bucks! Please write additional details to: tiaziabeaux(at)yahoo(dot)com

    Thanks In Advance!

    P.S. If anyone is interested in following up with me regarding my order, please do not hesitate to send me a brief memo. I will be more than happy to share my results with you.

  132. 06sbob Says:

    You guys are all F*CkinG crazy! Try going to the gym for a bit and do your research. If you did your research, you would be able to find it. I had a friend end up almost dead from taking too much of the stuff and it seems like nobody on here knows how to dose it right. Guess What??? This stuff is measured in mcg and if you take just a bit too much one time… YOU DIE!

  133. mark Says:

    I’m interested in some Clen sites that are legit.

    I have seen some post where people have sent money with no response and others have received placebos.

  134. vickieeikciv Says:

    hey guys i have reasearched clen now for around 3months n i have decided to give it ago just to get rid of my last layer of fat that wont budge!dont want to be ripped off so i was hopin one of you would be so kind as to email me with a great website within the uk where you have tried the products. . .many thanx vik x x x

  135. Lovebug Says:

    Hi Ya’ll!!!!

    I have been doing a decent amount of research for awhile now and decided to try Clen. If anyone can give me a legit website to order off from that would be fantastic! Thank you
    My email is blondie10619(at)Yahoo(.)com

  136. coll Says:

    You guys should all learn from my not waste your time and take this. I don’t know any of you but I feel like you are all people looking for a quick fix just as I was. Honestly it’s scary having your body tremble and not being able to walk properly at times. You can feel you’re heart beating out of your chest. This medicine will put you at very high risk for a heart attack. Honestly programs like weight watchers or the south beach diet really do work if you follow them and do some working out. This is an illegal drug. The FDA reviewed it years ago and declared it unsafe for human use.

  137. Jeremiah Says:

    Clenbuterol is not only given to horses, but is also prescribed prescribed in Europe for human consumption. Taking clen for extended periods of time does not induce weight gain; But if it is used for more than 2 weeks at a time your body’s beta-receptors will wear down and it will lose its effectiveness. For that reason you should use clen for two weeks and then take two weeks off.

    There is no need to cut fat out of your diet; just cut carbs and make sure that the fat you are eating and make sure you are getting about1-2 grams per pound of bodyweight of clean quality protein in your diet. Eat 5-6 small meals daily high in fiber and protein and low in carbs. And drink lots of water…

    When using clen start with a low dose of about 20 mg daily to establish your tolerance and then increase as needed. Supplement with Yohimbe while taking clen because it increases its effectiveness.

    Never order anything like this online or the DEA will be knocking on your door. Instead, join a gym and befriend the bodybuilders after a while it will make itself available to you.

    Lat note, clen has been used in the bodybuilding community for decades and has been proven to be safe. (for healthy individuals with no history of heart problems) Hollywood stars have recruited the bodybuilding elite as their trainers, so it is no surprise that they are using it. Just Google Chris Cormier and look at his pictures; he is Britanny Spears personal trainer.

    We are living in a culture of fear driven by the ignorant and uneducated…dont belief the hype. Do your own research.
    Also, check out the Velocity diet. Taking clen and using the velocity diet you could expect to lose 25-30 pounds of fat in as little as 30 days. If you dont believe me…Just use your Kung-google skills.

  138. Jeremiah Says:

    Revisio form my last post…Clen is dosed in micrograms…When using it start with 20mcgs in order to determine your tolerance and then adjust.

  139. laith Says:

    hi…is it righ that clen for hurses???

  140. Brittany Says:

    Can someone email me where to get the real clen?

  141. Lylaby Says:

    I ordered them as suggested with [not allowed] and they came in the mail a week ago. i got a stack with cytomel and i feel my workout got finally a kick for the better!

  142. Pete Maldonado Says:

    Clen is really strong…makes it hard for people to work at a desk job or in school. I would recommend sticking with an ECA stack (Ephedra, Caffeine, Aspirin) stack along with T3 for the thyroid. ECA will still make you jittery, but not quite as bad as long as you dont take too much.

    But, IMO, nothing beats diet and cardio!

  143. grace tan Says:

    can someone please email me where i can buy clen.

  144. Josh Says:

    I am very interested anyone in the NYC area???
    or know of real sites that sell it

  145. Dan Says:

    can anyone let me know where I can order the real deal???


  146. alex Says:

    like everyone else i am interesting in getting the real deal authentic clenbuterol


  147. Triin Says:

    Please Please let me know where to get?

  148. Joseph Says:

    Can someone please e-mail me a good site for quality clen? I dont want to get scammed or receive placebos, thanks!

  149. Joseph Says:

    I use to weigh 240 pounds and I am down to 206. I started on July I dont work out much. Maybe 2 times a week full work out I also walk about 30 mins every day. I only eat fish, fruits and vegetables. I eat 1-2 pieces of fish such as tilapia, salmon, black cod, halibut fille or steak, albacore tuna steaks. Every fish I eat is no more than 3 ounces. I want clen to help me burn off the fat. Please help me. Let me know if you have questions regarding my diet.

  150. bill Says:

    Hey guys,

    Just read about all of the scams. Will someone be able to email me where to get clen at a reasonable price from a reliable website?


    Thanks ahead of time for this…

  151. chris Says:

    can someone please email me
    .com on how i can purchase clen

  152. Shay Says:

    hi , can someone please email on a reliable site to buy Clen from?


  153. Ysa Says:

    I am interested in buying. Can someone please recommend a website which is reputable? Thanks!


  154. spellbinder Says:

    So I got mine from thailand. shipped fine, quick, reasonable price. In manufacturers wrappers, but who knows.

    Accidentally to 2 pills this morning instead of one becuase I misremembered the doses. Operator error. Serious case of the shakes. Brain work fine thankfully, but putting stickers on my son’s lego’s is a near impossibility! So I meant to do the slow ramp up and blew it. I’ll only do one pill tomorrow and see if the shakes subside, then back to two on Wednesday to see if I can handle it sustained at 80mcg. Otherwise, I’ll be getting a pill slicer.

    Eating right got me 11 pounds off in 3 months. Not near enough. So I’m combining small protein shakes, vitamins, and one sensible meal per day along with the clen and hopefully that will get me over hump and out of double digits.

    I’ve been reading about it for years, know people who swear by it, and if I can have their backside, I’m going to give it at least one cycle try. Keep in mind, I’m extremely healthy already, just have an injury that keeps me from working out much. But I’m doing it under supervision, being monitored 3x a week, and adding meditation and yoga and endermologie to work out all the toxins from the body too. So I’m not by myself and I don’t think you should be either. Knowing what your body is like “normal” and monitoring your blood pressure, heart rate and stress levels is critical to me.

    Personally, if I like it, it would be cheaper for me to fly to Mexico to get it than on the internet. Quicker and safer too.

  155. Denise Says:

    please email me with how where to order on line. thank you.

  156. Andi Says:

    Hi Everyone! Damn I am glad I found this website…I really need some help!!!
    I am from South Africa and need to get hold of Clen ASAP (like yesterday)

    I ordered online once before about a year ago and still waiting for my package ;-( so I am going to stop holding my breath now….

    Please please please can someone send me a link to a site that isn’t a scam, if it is a link to a South African site so much the better, as time is of the essence!!

    My email


  157. louise Says:

    hi i need to loose weight fast but not sure what sort of pill to take can someone please mail me on the effects etc of this pill. also can someone let me no where i can find these pills online and roughly how much are they
    thank you
    email at:


  158. ands Says:

    can someone email me where to buy clen online?? how do I know which one is the good one??


  159. Sgt M Says:

    Hey for anybody interested in clen i would really recommend, im in Iraq with nothing to do but work out on my spare time and i started taking clen for the fat burning not really the weight loss and both have occured without losing any muscle. while its extremely easy to obtain clen and other muscle/weightloss aids in foreign countries i wouldnt know where to really go online to purchase, however if you do find the product online what i used is made in bulgaria under a company called [not allowed], its a white box with a blue front. hope this helps sombody. best of luck

  160. serge Says:

    yes, i agree rthis stuff really does work. unfortunatley, the website i got it from shut down. anyone have a reliable web site that i can purchase from?


  161. andrea hutchinson Says:

    what is the dosage recomended for a woman

  162. mary Says:

    I am interested in this stuff – need to lose the fat, not build muscle – so it sounds perfect. Need a reliable online website. Anyone know of a good source?

  163. Sheri Says:

    Can someone please email me with a reliable site they have purchased this from. I am worried about getting scammed. Thanks

  164. Kat Says:

    Hey. I have found a few sites that I am pretty sure are scam sites. Can someone please email me a list of known scam sites and legit ones as well for clen and T3

  165. T-bird Says:

    SGT M,

    I’m in Iraq as well. Anyways I can get in touch with you. I’m trying to find some Clen but don’t know how to get it here. I want to make sure I’m getting the authentic stuff.
    ytsbod at ya hoo.

  166. George Says:

    Hey guys you are absolutely ridiculous to think that this is safe for you. It’s very hard on athletes and bodybuilders so it should be about 45% harder on your body compared to theirs. The average athlete has exercise-induced bradycardia and high VO2 maxes… please be very very very careful because you don’t have any of this. In fact the increase in oxidant stress on your system may increase your chances of certain types of cancers. Remember almost all of you are not a trained athlete and there WILL be repercussions.

    These are prescription drugs that will give the average middle-aged or older person heart arrhythmia and night sweats. p.s. if you try the “one step up” also prepare for cataracts. Then I can just see it… you’ll try to stop cold turkey once you realize this is bad for you and isn’t working… then you’ll bounce back. Please Trust ME. It is not for anyone with diabetic symptoms unless you are having your doctor monitor you every single day. Just so you know most doctors who prescribe Cytomel start with 5mcg not 25-100. And this is for morbidly obese patients with typeII diabetes or thyroid failure. How is it safe to take far more and not think your thyroid will retract it’s output.

    Try to search for the phrase thyroid storm and maybe it will scare you out of trying this.

    Just so you know you should heavily heavily research all the bodybuilding forums for the repercussions before trying this.

    Most of the people above are really really going to see amazing results if you switch to a very low calorie diet and cardio for 14 days straight. Then up your calories and keep the cardio so you don’t see any adaptations. I could have you losing more than sitting on your butts and taking this. I promise you it is bad for you.

    Please please be careful. You only have one thyroid and one set of lungs.

    Also just so you know lung constriction is a huge side-effect of Clen so your cardio will be way more difficult and you (the untrained amateur) will most likely stop the cardio way too early instead of if you hadn’t taken the clen at all.

    Please DO YOUR RESEARCH. I bet I can’t convince the people my age to not try it but please please please people of my parent’s generation you have no idea what you’re getting in to.

    If you have 20 to 100 lbs to lose instead please try to put yourself into ketosis and do a ton and i mean a ton of cardio and a bit of weight training. Oh you don’t know what ketosis is. Start with researching that. I would stay a CA or ECA or even an ECYA stack is significantly safer for you (sounds ironic) than taking Cy+Clen stacks!

    George (Lost 52lbs after first bouncing up and down after trying every hard weight loss legal and illegal drug out there except for phenphen)

    Call me if you need to 6043386200

  167. George Says:

    Also look up adrenal gland failure and clenbuterol

    p.s. your body will also adapt to the antihistamines you try to take to counter it.

    p.p.s. The body fat percentages increased on everyone and i mean everyone who stopped taking it, however the effectiveness of the same dose from the first cycle dropped by over 60-80%… but if you up the dosage to try to get back the results from your first cycle you damage your thyroid and suffer severe sweats, nausea, and experience perhaps your first migraine. Also don’t forget to google long-term clen and liver toxicity.

    p.s. I’m a hypocrite but I’m trying to give you the results to help you save a ton of money and potential death or require long-term medical attention and thyroid supplementation.

  168. Krista Says:

    I have been researching Clen for a while now and would like to give it a try. Can someone please email me the website for which I can buy the real Clen at.
    krisgeorge 84 at

  169. Mark Says:

    I live in Mexico and my instructor gave it to me. At that point, I wasn’t even aware that I could walk into the pharmacie and just buy it myself. I’ts about 12 dollars for fifty pills. I did notice serious increase in heart rate after only taking one pill.

    For that reason, since I see recommendations of 4 all over the internet as a starting dosage, I would really advise you to be careful. I am thinking, had I started with 4 I would have dropped dead. But once I had cycled myself up to 5 pills, the weight actually started coming off. Anyway, I am still at the beginning.

    I am not a lawyer, but I have at least read that the possession of Clenbuterol is not illegal in the Unites States, just if you carried large amounts with you, like in trying to sell it. And to sell it is illegal as well. Just not having it. Ironic, but same thing with quite a few drugs.

    So if you are not planning a Mexico Vacation you might consider at your own risk to first of all research the legality aspect of it, and then possibly have a friend bring you some. If you do, one container won’t be enough, I think. Or it may just about be. It depends on how you want to cycle it, there are so many different suggestions all over the net.

  170. REEF Says:

    Hi guys, does anyonr know if its a good idea to do spinningclasses in the gym, i ve begun taking clen ,and am a bit scared to continue my spinninh classes twice a week thanks

  171. jesskah Says:

    hey i was wondering if anyone knew where to get good clen, i have bought a few bottles from different sources and it wasnt real clen. i had some in calgary and it worked amazingly. i got it from my roommate. i lost 20 pounds fast and cardio felt like a breeze. now they wont tell me where they got it. anyone help please!! email me at

  172. gesu datta Says:

    Hi ALL,
    I was looking for clen but dint find it any way ..
    Any one PLZ send me the link of a trusted site to buy clen and the proper way of taking it ..
    will it work with mild exercise like YOGA and walking ?
    my id is
    I will be thank full

  173. Erica Says:

    Hey there, I have also like all of you been doing research on clen but I’m still having problems with knowing where to purchase it online, I mean there is so may sites but which ones are authentic? Another question I have is about shipping, I mean the pill is illegal in the US, so how does the shipping process to the US work?
    I would truly appreciate a response to belladoyenne through gmail.


  174. Tim Says:

    Can someone email me a legit site to get clen, I’ve been trying to lose about 40lbs and I need a boost. My email address is

  175. truthalternative Says:

    Clenbuterol is not a hore drug…you are all being deceived and your lack of knowledge makes you beleive in everything you are being fed with.It is true that Clenbuterol is not approved by FDA for human use in USA but FDA is the institution that approves drugs in US and US in not the only place on planet Earth as many of you probably beleive.Clenbuterol Hydrochloride is a drug approved in Europe for human use and to be more exact to be used a a bronchodilator, it is available as syrop and as pills and if most of you beleive it is being produced by some mad crazy dude in a basement than No…it is being produced by large comapnies like Boegringer Ingelheim and NihFi and SoPharma and many others….and i repeat FOR HUMAN USE.The drug approved for horses in US is called Ventipulmin.So don’t dive into the miths you are being fed with, you might end up out of air before you surface.

  176. truthalternative Says:

    and ohhh yes….it does work and it does work great…BUT as somebody said,unless you need to loose weight very fast than better diet.

    The pill is not illegal in US…not being approved by FDA doesn’t make it illigal, it is not scheduled.

    Where can you buy it online?Try searching “buy clenbuterol” or “order clenbuterol” in any search engine there are a lot of websites selling it.

  177. Chuck Says:

    Can someone please email me the website where I can purchase CLEN?


  178. jessica Says:

    can someone email me a reputable website to buy clen? I am interested in trying it out


  179. margret Says:

    I have the liquid form and I am thinking of trying it out….does anyone know how much I should start out with

  180. Stephanie Says:

    Hey guys, i want to order some clen but there are so many scams and i want the real quality clen. Can someone please email me where i can get the good stuff from

    thank you x

  181. lizzy Says:

    can someone send me a legit link of where to buy clen from
    thanks email ad is

  182. Craig Says:

    Can someone please let me know where on line the real liquid can be purchased?

  183. wendy Says:

    I have PCOS and no diet works does anyone know if this will work for me and where to purches safely. email me at:

  184. jessie Says:

    I just started clen yesterday…does anyone know how long before I will see results? I am a 36 year old woman in a surgically induced menopause!

    feel free to email jessie_sargent at comcast dot net!

  185. monica Says:

    i have been taking hydroxy cut for a while and it doesnt work much so
    i want to start clen soon, but im not sure how much to take because its in liquid form, also i am only 17..will that effect the way it works?

  186. Amanda Says:

    Where did you buy your Clen from? Did you guys get any fast results??? If any one knows a safe website to buy this from please email me thanks!


  187. Vale Tudo Says:

    Yeah, been reading about Clen, but can’t find a legit site to purchase. I live in LA and it is possible that a short drive to Mexico would do the trick. But, where can I find a legit website that sells it?

    Feel free to email me at:

  188. Kris Says:

    I’ve started a stack of clen & cytomix a week ago. I don’t see results yet but heard it will happen depending on the dose taken. I started out taking 40 mgs of each am & pm. Now up to 60 mcg 2 times a day. I got the shakes & a pretty bad headache. Side effects are supposed to subside when the body gets used to it. Headaches gone but the hand shaking is still around. I figured I
    d stick with it for the 3 weeks on & 3 weeks off just to see the results. If you can live with the shaking I guess it will eventually work…..

  189. Rena Says:


    Does anyone know what the best type of diet and exercise is whilst on Clen?

    My thoughts were a low calorie diet with 10-15 minutes of cardio a day…no?

    Look forward to your reply.

  190. Amanda Says:

    Just got my order today of clenbuterol! From what i read on the reviews everyone said the website i bought it off of is the best clenbuterol out there! So we’ll see! Starting my first pill 2mrw! of 20mg. Ill keep you guys posted! Im hoping to loose weight fast! Im gunna do the 3weeks on 3 weeks off with benadryl in between! But ill def be back on soon to give u my updates!

  191. Amanda Says:

    Oh and from what i read… on working out while taking clenbuterol…is doing 20-25 mins of cardio on a empty stomach right when u wake up..and drink lots of water, bannanas for the muscle cramps i guess that will occur..But let me know how everyones weight lost is going…Good luck!

  192. Daniel J Says:

    Could someone pleease email me with a good website that sells it?


    Also, if you stop taking it after a while does the weight stay off or do you just pile it back on? thanks x

  193. dlaine Says:

    Ok Amanda i want to know what site u used to get ur clen lol i want to do the clen/t3 stack i have a couple sites in mind wondering if their the good ones. thanks email me and let me know how its going for u i want to get mine next week thx!!! cant wait to hear from u. and anyone with the info i need !!

  194. Jayme Says:

    Amanda – you only need to use Benadryl if you are going to stay on it for extended periods of time. The reason why you have to take time off from Clen is so your regulators can re-up. Benadryl does this for you so you don’t have to go off of it.

  195. Amanda Says:

    Dlaine- i sent you a email with the website

    And for everyone wondering how my cycle is going! Its actually going really good except for the bad shaking and muscle soreness and a headache! But some coffee and advil and bannanas plus lots of water!!! gets that right away! Anyways the first day i lost 4 pounds…im on 3 days now and im at 5 pounds lost…

    day 1- 20mg
    day 2 & 3 – 40mg

    2mrw i will start with 80mg and see how that works! Ill keep ya’ll updated!
    Keep me updated as well!

    Thanks*! :)

  196. anni wu Says:

    i really wanna buy some clenbuterol to try, does anybody know a trustful way to get it ?
    pls email me thank u


  197. jeff Says:

    ok same question everyone else has,, were is a legit site to buy the real thing
    im not going out of the country any time soon, please help, to many scams out there


  198. sadi Says:

    i would like to find clen pills. please help me with information. — thank you

  199. Rena Says:

    Thanks Amanda.

    Is it possible to lose more than 10-15lbs if carried on for several months?

  200. brad Says:

    where do you get the legit stuff from, tired of getting bunk stuff.


  201. funnyone Says:

    Amanda, Can you email me the site you bought your Clen from, Please? aphillips5168 at aol dot com.

  202. nicole Says:


    pleeease send me a trustworthy website.

  203. Amanda Says:

    Brad,funnyone and nicole!

    I emailed you guys the website i bought my clenbuterol off of!

    I will be updating everyone on my results within the next week or so! Please keep me updated on everyone results! :)

    Thanks! :)

  204. blake Says:

    looking for a reliable website email me at
    if you have one thanks!

  205. Deanna Says:

    If someone would send me the website, i’d appreciate it too! Thanks


  206. Belle Says:

    Hey Amanda,

    Do you think you could give me a link to the website(s) you bought your Clen from ? So many options but not sure what to trust.
    I’m at:


    Thanks in advance, and good luck!

  207. Rena Says:

    I’m a female and started 20mcg on day 1, I then increased it by one and have already reached 120mcg on day 5. I am having shakes and the odd cramp. I think i have a high tolerance to it and was thinking of taking more than 120mcg. Does anyone know if this is safe for women? I have heard of some women taking 200mcg.

    Please help

  208. Mary S Says:

    Hi, I am trying to decide where to purchase clen but am skeptical of who I can trust to buy from. Anyone have any good success with a company you can recommend? I would love to know who you trust. Please help. I need to start this soon. I want to loose 60 pounds by summer. I need your help. I would appreciate any comments about your success too but not necessary if your time is limited. Thank you so much. Mary K (no not a MK rep šŸ˜‰ )

  209. Jon S Says:

    Can someone tell me where I can get Clenbuterol and how you ve found using it?? please

    looking for Clenbuterol or Clen/T3 stack


  210. Serena Says:

    Can I get the website too! I have been so excited about trying this, but don’t want a fake website!!!


  211. tiff Says:

    please can someone email me a web site where i an get real clen. i dont want to be ripped off!!!!! ty please


  212. Sandy Says:

    Hey… can someone please give me the web site where I can get the real clen??


    Thanks so much

  213. Carla Says:

    Same here! Can u give me the website for the real deal.


    Heard that Clen is only real if its packaged in foil packets instead of bottles. Is this true?

  214. Jen Says:

    Would appreciate if someone would recommend a legit website to get clen?


  215. Jonas Says:

    There is nothing that Clen will to do you that you can’t do with only good diet and exercices. It only takes hard work. Clen is for the lazy – and it will ruin your health.

  216. Cassidy Says:

    Oh Jonas, some of us are not at all lazy–My routine is pretty hardcore, and my nutritionist makes me write down everything I eat (and I’m scoring high marks so far). Actually I believe the sin most of us are guilty of is impatience. A pretty serious accident had me flat on my back for long enough to discover that my dearest friends at the time (Ben and Jerry, Raymond reruns) turned out to be backstabbing evildoers bent on destroying my once lean and healthy body. Anyway, I worked very hard to get to where I am now. I’m still overweight though and my H.S. reunion is in 4 months…So if ANYONE can give me a legit clen site I would bless you every day. my e-mail is My doc has prescribed phentermine but my speed freak roommate keeps stealing them. I dont know if they work. I had a friend who used clen years ago and got great results. PLEASE somebody help!!!! I was a nerdy schoolkid and cant bear the thought of showing up looking even worse than I did then. Amanda?? Can you hear me?? Anyone? Thanks

  217. Thadius Says:

    Hey i was wondering where you get the Clen? I tried to buy before some some website but never got the shipment…. can someone help? Thanks


  218. Candy Says:

    What happened to Amanda???? I was interested in hearing her results!!

  219. Candy Says:

    No word from Amanda?

  220. Albert Says:

    I’ve used (authenticated) Clen with very effective results. Very, very important how you cycle it. Don’t ever use to much. Be patient!!!!
    Cycle for men;
    Day 1 and 2; 20mcg
    Day 3,4 and 5; 40mcg
    Day 6 and 7; 80mcg
    Day 8 to 18; 120mcg
    Day 19 and 20; 80mcg
    Day 21,22 and 23; 40mcg
    Day 24 and 25; 20mcg

    Cycle for women;
    Day 1,2 and 3; 20mcg
    Day 3,4 and 5; 40mcg
    Day 6 to 20; 80mcg
    Day 21,22 and 23; 40mcg
    Day 24,25 and 26; 20mcg

    Only use T3 with Clen if you want to loose more than 30 lbs.


  221. Albert Says:

    For more info on Clen, mail me at:


  222. aly cat Says:

    Amanda!! I haven’t seena post from you in while. Could you please tell email me where you got your clen at:


    Also, How is it going?

  223. naz Says:



  224. Julie Says:

    If you want real, legit, liquid clen, please email me. I know a GREAT site that is inexpensive, FAST delivery, and is the real stuff. I have used it for three weeks and have dropped 22 pounds. Please write “CLEN” in subject line. alliantemployee1 at yahoo dot com

  225. carol Says:

    started clenbuterol 4 a week now will let u know how i get on.

  226. brina Says:

    i tried clenbuterol but it didn’t work i don’t no if i order from the wrong site or what. but if some one order from one that clenbuterol work please contact me.


  227. amanda Says:

    hey guys!

    sorry ive just been so busy i 4got to update u guys on here!
    My results are great!!!!! honestly i didnt start seein major results until i started working out more then i did! Now im looking good and feeling good! Ill start emailing u guys the websites or you can email me


  228. logan Says:

    I think people who take clenbuterol to lose weight are dumb. Do you really expect to lose weight and not put your health in danger by taking some horse drug? You can easily overdose on clenbuterol, what are you going to do then? Think about it, there are other ways to lose weight.

  229. keryfree Says:

    I have done a lot of looking and I think I would like to try Clen, just to see if it helps give me the boost I need to get a handle on my weight. Any insight into tricks or sites would be so great!

  230. Craig Says:

    Good to see so many people answering in here, I have done my research and bought mine off a trusted friend. Most decent sites tell you should do a stack system for no more then 3 weeks then 3 weeks off, unless you take clymetol T3 or Keterin to keep your beta 2 receptors up..a stack doasge system on 20mcg tabs would be to start on 20, increase every 3 days and when you get to about 100, decrease every 3 days.

    My question is, if I were to do 3-4 days a week cardio for an hour, and eat three times a day, breakfast -cereal or toast, lunch – sandwich and fruit and dinner Nothing heavy and no snacking.., how much weight would i lose?

  231. Jenno Says:

    Hi all. Can anyone be as kind to email me with a reliable website to buy Clenbuterol. I would appreciate this very much as I’m sick of scam sites. Thank you jennifer_Dickman [at] yahoo [dot] com

  232. Jules Says:

    Hi I was hoping for some help. Is doing 2-3 week cycles of Clenbuterol and 1 cycle of Cytomel all you do then take an extended break? I’ve researched the regular dosages so I’m pretty familiar with them. But I’ve had difficulty picking a legitimate site to purchase from, can anyone offer assistance? My email is jules052385 [at] yahoo [dot] com. thanks in advance!!

  233. Chica Says:


    The most effective way to take clenbuterol is to do a 6 week cycle. But, you will need to take benedryl at night on the weekends (similar to ketofin) to re-regulate your beta receptors. It is proven that clenbuterol begins to work best after week three, so why stop there? The main reason they say to do 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off is so that your beta receptors can regulate themselves before you start again. But, if you take benedryl you can safely keep taking the clen for 6 strait weeks; you will have great results. email me if you have any questions: chica.samurai [at] gmail [dot] com

  234. rico Says:

    Can some let me know where to get clenbuterol from! mexicanfred2004 [at] yahoo [dot] com thank you in advance.

  235. Linda Says:

    Hey there, I’m looking for LEGIT, and FAST delivery on REAL CLENBUTEROL + T3. Please email me if you know how, where i can get this delivered to Los Angeles, ca! I WOULD REALLLLLY APPRECIATE the help. I’m on a 3 month plateau and i want to try this cycle (responsibly) for my goal. EMAIL ME AT WANDERING, underscore (not the word the actual underscore), bliss, at, yahoo, dot, com

  236. Kevin Says:

    I have remained stagnant at the same weight for about 1 month. I am 190 trying to lose 15 more pounds. I do cardio and lift 4 to 5 times a week depending. I live in northern ohio. I was wondering if I could buy it in Canada or do I need a prescription. Also, if anyone knows a good website can you please email me at kevin [dot] washek [at] gmail [dot] com. Thanks.


    I would like to have a legit website to buy clenbuterol. I want to lose about 15-20 pounds. I have been reading and researching. Please someone help me. rhonj06 [at] hotmail [dot] com

  238. dede101 Says:

    I would like to have a legit website to buy clenbuterol. I want to lose about 15-20 pounds. I have been reading and researching. Please someone help. e-mail me at eboniisland [at] aol [dot] com

  239. Candice Says:

    I have tried emailing all of the above people’s addresses who have bought clenbuterol and they are all fake! Just scammers trying to con you!! beware!

  240. Chris Says:

    Just google clenbuterol for sale and you will find several websites that sell it. However it is a third degree felony if you are caught with it and typically customs will find it before it gets to you.

  241. HUey Says:


  242. JSmith Says:

    Hello, can anybody send me legit website to order clenbuterol? chicktester [at] hotmail [dot] com

  243. tlo Says:

    hey everyone, I ordered mine from the first site that popps up if you google clenbuterol, and it came very discreetly. I will admit I was worried at first because when i first ordered it in feb it didn’t come, then I contacted them to say i didn’t get it, and they sent more right away. I need to lose at least 20 pds in about 6 weeks before my vacation with my new boyfriend, and wanna look hot! I hope this works! If anyone is interested I will for sure come here and update my progress. good luck everyone!

  244. tlo Says:

    I just wanted to give an update of my first day taking clenbuterol. I am a female so I started out today taking 20mcg (half a pill of the 40mcg pill) and honestly I didn’t realy feel anything. about an hour after taking it my hands had just the slightest shake but nothing that was bothersome. no other side effects whatsoever. I will take another half tomorrow and then Thursday I will do the whole pill 40 mcg. I won’t post everyday to bore everyone but I will post back next week and let everyone know how much if anything I lost in the first week. Good luck everyone.

  245. Ashleigh Says:

    Okay so I’m 23 percent body fat. I worked at a gym for 8 months and met this guy who was a body builder. I told him I wanted to lose weight by using a steroid. He immediately told me Clenbuterol was the best and that’s what he uses. (He’s HUGE and NO fat on him hardly! He also uses deca and test.) Anyways, I bought one bottle from him. It was $175. I did my first 2 weeks on it. This is my 2 weeks off of it. I haven’t lost any weight, yet. My diet is terrible. When I can fix that, I know Clenbuterol will help me burn off the fat. When I was doing the elliptical, after 5 minutes, my heart rate was up to 185 bpm which is EXTREMELY high. If you have heart problems, please do NOT take this steroid. My advice to anyone who wants it, don’t get the pills. They can severly damage your liver. Go to a gym. Find a guy who is obviously on steroids and start talking to him about Clenbuterol. He should open up and tell you that he can get some. I don’t trust the online selling of any kinds of illegal substances.

  246. Sarah Says:

    To get clenbuterol you should just meet someone who owns a supplement shop because they probably know where to order real clenbuterol and if they trust you they will get it for you. Just visit the same shop a couple times a week or whatever and try to make good with the OWNER not a sales associate. This is what I did, and it worked, now I have it!

  247. Jenn Says:

    I used clenbuterol (liquid form) and I have lost 20 pounds and it’s only been two weeks. I am going on my two week off cycle, it does make you shake a lot and I have horrible headaches but after I drink a glass of water it tends to go away. I’m taking it with t3 and working out and eating right.

  248. Rhino Says:

    I take clenbuterol, I am a high school wrestler and we are always expected to be on weight, so let me tell you, Clenbuterol does work, but it has nasty side effects, all of which I don’t mind. GET SOME!!

  249. fro Says:

    I can say through personal experience Clenbuterol for weight loss absolutely works. It just made me wired and jittery for the first week or so. But I definitely lost weight, about 15 lbs in about 6 weeks. The only thing I did different was pop the pill. You need to cycle it properly and up the dosage depending on how your body reacts to it. DO NOT TAKE IT without talking to someone who KNOWS how clenbuterol works.

  250. Sarah Says:

    If someone could email me (sarahlisby15 [at] gmail [dot] com) and let me know the reliable site they purchased clenbuterol from, I’d appreciate it. I purchased some clenbuterol in pill form but not sure if it’s the real thing. Would like any help available. Thanks.

  251. Lottie Says:

    Just started taking clenbuterol on Wednesday. I am a female, had 3 40 mg tablets a day. Could you let me know if this is too much or ok? I want to lose a lot of weight. Only side effects thus far are shaky hands. What is the average weight loss in 3 weeks?

  252. Angela Says:

    Sample of cycle for your first time taking clenbuterol: Day1 20mg, Day2 40mg, Day3 60mg, Day4 80. If you are having side effects, reduce the dosage. Take two weeks off. Two weeks on, two weeks off.

  253. jordan Says:

    i was just wondering where i can get some clenbuterol and some t3. jordan [underscore] breau [underscore] 23 [at] msn [dot] com thanks.

  254. lauren Says:

    Hi, can some please email me a link of a trustworthy site to buy clen from? I’ve been doing alot of research on it but I’m scared of getting ripped off. lm.x3 [at] live [dot] co [dot] uk

  255. David Says:

    Hey, can anyone email me a link to a trustworthy and legit site that I can buy clenbuterol from? And let me know your experience with this site. Thanks. Pearl9191 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  256. Jess Says:

    I need a website to buy the LEGIT clenbuterol … someone help me out! Also, I keep hearing of different ways to take clenbuterol (as far as cycles), any advice? Thank you! jguemmer [at] yahoo [dot] com

  257. Stacy Says:

    I have been taking liquid clen for a couple of days now. So far my side effects have been a headache and a little jittery which is normal. Start off taking just 20mg a day until you have the side effects under control than move up from there by 20mg per day. Make sure you take potassium pills and taurine to help your blood pressure. Drink A LOT of water a day as the clen will need it to work. I suggest a gallon a day. Do a cycle of 2 weeks on 2 weeks off. Any longer than that and your body will start to become immune to it. Also take benedryl on your off cycle. Exercise and watch what you eat and you can lose up to 30lbs in one cycle! DO NOT up your dose if you are still having side effects!!!

  258. agjones Says:

    please help! I need to buy clenbuterol to lose this 20 extra pounds that I have gained. I want the real deal! please email me if you know of a site that is the real deal. Stacy will you please email me?? Thanks. agjones08 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  259. Derrick Says:

    Looking for legit clenbuterol. Can someone email me a website please? I am doing a competition and need to lose some more weight. Thanks.

  260. gina Says:

    Hello. Can anyone helped me out on where I can get a reputable website for clenbuterol? I would like to purchase some but I’m scared getting ripped off. Please help guys. I really appreciate it. sstluvjc [at] yahoo [dot] com. Thanks.

  261. silk Says:

    I got my 2nd order of clenbuterol 40mcg. lil green pill. The stuff will burn fat up to 6 to 9 hrs, not like the ephedrine which lasts 4 to 6 hrs then u r eating junk food. Also, Ephedrine burns fat and muscle so if u r heavy u will see a lot of loose skin. Clenbuterol just rips the fat off of u while u r sleeping. I work out all the time, but this stuff shredded me up. Went from 186 to 170 ripped and I do not have great genetic. I have to work for everything. THE STUFF WORKS!

  262. Julia Says:

    Hi, can anyone let me know where i can get the clenbuterol online? Thanks much! lastchancesaloon71 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  263. Anita Says:

    If someone could email me (acbell58 [at] gmail [dot] com) and let me know the reliable site they purchased clenbuterol from, Iā€™d appreciate it.

  264. Kandi Says:

    Hey someone please email me a reliable site for some clenbuterol and t3. Gracias!

  265. Rdhual78 Says:

    can someone email me a legit site to buy clen and T3 please. allen7678 at bellsouth dot net

  266. Tammy Says:

    Would someone let me know where to order T3 and Clenbuterol. ttaylor72003 at yahoo dot com

  267. Alisha Says:

    I’m having the same problem I found sites to read about clenbuterol but nothing on how to purchase I am in Korea and want to start taking it so if anyone knows a site to but it on please let me know ab292795 at mycia dot net. Thanks.

  268. gina Says:

    please send my a reliable source to buy clen. Thank you. gbarnes at charter dot net

  269. me Says:

    save your money, it does not work nearly like they say.

  270. Mataio Says:

    Clenbuterol CANNOT and WILL NOT beat Ephedrine 30mg + No Doz 200mg + Asprin 100mg combo in burning fat! Hands Down.

  271. metty Says:

    hi can someone please email me a genuine site for clen and advise me the best method to take for full results. metty1 at manx dot net Many thanks.

  272. Amy Says:

    I am on day 3 of liquid Clem. I only use a couple drops on my tongue first thing in the a.m. Aside from shakiness, like a kitten out of the rain, I’ve had no other sides. I have noticed I’m dreaming alot… I take once a day only. I’ve noticed my T-max at 99.1, from my usual 97.9. I do things alot faster on this stuff…especially housework! I don’t mind the shakes, they ease up after a few hours peaking after 45min after I administer.

  273. carlene Says:

    where can you buy Clenbuterol if you aren’t suppose to order on line.

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