Christina Aguilera Weight Gain

Christina Aguilera Weight Gain

Christina Aguilera‘s weight gain – real or not? If Christina Aguilera’s weight gain is not real, how can we explain what is going on with Christina Aguilera’s weight? Is Christina Aguilera fat? Well, is it fair to call her fat? It depends. What does it depend on? If we take a closer look at Christina Aguilera’s diet and Christina Aguilera’s workout, some would say that it is not fair to call her fat.

That having been said, judging by the way she looks now, some would say that while she is not technically obese, Christina Aguilera’s weight gain seems obvious. What do I personally think? It seems she has gained some weight recently. How much weight has she gained? It is hard to say, but my personal estimate is that she has gained at least 40 pounds recently.

Now, just because she has allegedly gained around 40 pounds does not mean anything. Her voice and singing performance is still impressive. And she says that she is happy with the way she looks. Still, she just does not have that pop idol look she used to have. Is she going to do something about it? I doubt it. I mean, I do not think she is planning to lose weight right now, but I think she will eventually lose weight and will get closer to her previous weight. [source: Star]

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