Christie Brinkley Diet

Christie Brinkley Diet

Christie Brinkley‘s diet should be flawless, considering the fact that she is 55 and still looks great. And you know what? Christie Brinkley’s diet is pretty good; she has her own organic garden that supplies her with organic vegetables.

Here is how Christie Brinkley’s diet looks like:

Breakfast Coffee with French Vanilla International Delight, Vanilla Activia with mixed berries and ground flaxseeds. 4 oz. cup Activia = 110 calories. 1 cup mixed berries = 70 calories. 1 tbsp. ground flaxseed = 37 cal. l cup coffee = 45 cal. 2 tbsp. International Delight = 90 cal.

No a bad breakfast at all, but the coffee creamer contains a lot of additives. I would replace it with organic Half & Half.

Lunch Salad with avocado, tomatoes, peppers and garbanzo beans. 1/2 avocado = 80 cal. 1/2 cup beans = 90 cal. 2 cups mixed greens = 60 cal.

Good lunch that can be improved by adding some steamed fish or grilled chicken.

Dinner Grilled salmon and some vegetables. 6 oz. salmon = 300 cal. 4 oz. steamed veggies = 40 cal.

Her dinner is perfect!

As you can see, Christie Brinkley’s diet seems to be almost low in carbs, high in veggies and healthy fats. Her protein consumption is a bit on a conservative side, but she probably eats some snacks that contain protein. [source: OK!]

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