Chris Evans: Workout and Diet

Chris Evans: Workout and DietChris Evans, The Fantastic Four star laughs at workout programs. “They key is dedication.” On camera, Chris Evans is known for the cocky swagger he is brought to roles in Fantastic Four and the upcoming sci-fi film Sunshine.

But he is known off screen for his self-deprecation, from his “crap” diet to his loathing of treadmills (“like pulling teeth”). Even though Chris Evans, 25, professes to be unscientific about exercise, he has been pushing iron with regularity since high school.

The 6-food, 170-pound actor’s disdain for the treadmill is offset by basketball, tennis, and even football whenever possible. The lesson: You do not need a meticulous workout plan. “The key is just dedication,” Evans says.

Researchers in France found that exercise frequency and duration are the best predictors of body-fat levels. One the road or on set, Chris Evans does pushups, pullups, and situps.

Do a set of each – as many reps as you can in 30 seconds – without resting. Take a 2-minute breather, and repeat until you cannot match the same number of reps. [source]

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