Chocolate Anus: Edible Anus

Chocolate Anus: Edible Anus

We know that a high-quality chocolate is very nutritious and is very good for your health. We also know that chocolate comes in all shapes and sizes, but this has to be a joke, right? I really hope it is, because the chocolate anus cannot be real, can it?

Yes, The Chocolate Anus (a.k.a. The Incredible Edible Anus) is for sale and it appears to be a real chocolate product made from Belgium chocolate by a company called Bisous.

Now an obvious question here is: Would you ever consider buying a chocolate anus? Or perhaps an even better question is: How does one eat an edible chocolate anus? Do you bite into it or do you cut it in small pieces and then put it in your mouth? Is licking a good option? Biting it just seems wrong for some reason, but licking it is gross.

I do not know. I feel a little lost here. I think Bisous should include detail instructions describing how to properly eat their chocolate anus, don’t you think? Anyhow, even if the edible chocolate anus comes with detail instructions, I doubt I would be able to eat it. What about you? [via Digg]

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  1. ashley Says:

    I think that is hilarious, gross, but hilarious. The only reason I think it’s so great is because my best friend since middle school and I used to call each other immature names and I used to call her. So I need to buy one and send it to her for her birthday.

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