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Val Kilmer Fat

Val Kilmer Fat

Is Val Kilmer fat? Is Val Kilmer fat or is he overweight? (more…)

Amber Riley Weight

Amber Riley Weight

Amber Riley‘s weight – normal or not? (more…)

What Can I Eat for Breakfast?

What can I eat for breakfast in the morning? What can I eat for breakfast if I can’t eat morning cereal? Deedee G. [via Ask Questions]

I can eat cereal, but I do not want to eat cereal. What is wrong with eating cereal for breakfast? Why would you want to eat junk food in the morning or during any other time of the day? (more…)

I Have Only Lost 50 Pounds in 1 Year

I am a 56 year old woman. One year ago I weighed 335 lbs. Today I weigh 287. For a year I have trained with a trainer 3 days a week/30min a day. I do 3.5 of Zumba each week, as well as 40 min. of treadmill and swim for 1 hour each week. (more…)

Who Makes the Vitamin Water Shampoo?

Who makes the Vitamin Water shampoo? Matt. [via Ask Questions]

Is Vitamin Water good for you? Is vitamin shampoo good for you? Maybe they are. (more…)