Can Children Drink Protein Shakes?

Hi, I wanna know if children can drink protein shakes. I usually drink a protein shake in the morning and my kids always want to have the same shake as I do, but I’m not sure if it is a good idea to give kids a protein shake. What do you think? Becky. [via Ask Questions]

I am not a big fan of giving kids protein shakes. Why? Because kids should be encouraged to consume real food, not nutritional supplements. Yes, a protein shake is a nutritional supplement. However, if you are using a quality protein powder, I do not think giving them protein shakes from time to time will do any harm. Still, a much better option in my opinion is to create a shake that looks and tastes like protein shake but without protein powder.

In a blender, combine berries, ice cubes, almond or peanut butter and yogurt. Blend until smooth. This shake tastes and looks like a typical protein shake, and it is actually high in protein. It is also delicious and nutritious. Your kids will love it.

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