Camryn Manheim: Workout and Weight Loss

Camryn Manheim: Workout and Weight Loss

What is up with Camryn Manheim‘s weight loss? Wasn’t she the one who said “This is for all the fat girls” when she won an Emmy in 1998. She did say that, but Camryn Manheim’s weight loss of 25 pounds is a reality.

How did Manheim lose weight? I bet she has made changes to her eating habits, but she says that she lost weight by working out. “I go on the elliptical and have a trainer, but for me, it’s more social than anything,” says Camryn.

What motivates Manheim to go to the gym? Men! “There are so many nice, hot guys and they flirt with me,” says the 47-year-old Camryn. “If that didn’t happen, believe me, you could not get me in that place!” [source: In Touch]

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