Camryn Manheim: Weight Loss and Diet

Camryn Manheim: Weight Loss and Diet“I’ve lost a significant amount of weight, many sizes. It feels great, but I felt great before,” says Camryn Manheim, who in 1998 dedicated her Emmy award for The Practice “to all the fat girls.”

Once 225 lbs., she credits her son Milo, age 6, for the gradual slim-down. “We ride bikes, play a lot of sports.

[He] has become my exercise.” As for diet, says Manheim, 46, “it was really a change in lifestyle, wanting to have healthy food in the house so my son learned how to eat well.

It was a decision I made to give my son a better head start than I had.” Although she thrills at no longer needing a plus-size shop – “I can go into Old Navy and buy things!”- she also isn’t evangelizing her weight loss. “I’m still a major proponent of accepting yourself as you are.” [via]

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