Calories for Women

Calories for women

When it comes to calories for women, there is a lot of confusion out there. How many calories does a woman need? It is a simple question, or is it? Does a woman need fewer calories than a man?

Gary and Dorothy Stice of Oklahoma City felt they needed to do something to get healthier, so they gave each other Weight Watchers memberships as birthday presents. They started walking 2 miles a day and made changes in their eating habits. All aspects seemed equal, but Gary lost weight much faster than Dorothy.

Calories for women: they are more stubborn Although they were equally sincere, committed, and determined, the pounds seemed to fall off Gary’s frame effortlessly, while every ounce Dorothy lost seemed to take longer and require more effort. “It appears as if men can just walk around the block and lose weight,” Dorothy says.

Sound familiar? While it may fall into the life-is not-fair category, it is a fact of life. Men and women tend to approach – and experience – weight loss differently. “There’s no such thing as gender-neutral dieting,” says Karen Miller-Kovach, nutritionist for Weight Watchers International and author of She Loses, He Loses.

The Bottom line on calories for women When it comes to calories, women need to do a bit more work than man to burn off excess calories. Yep, it is unfair, but that is just the way it is. Keep in mind, ladies, that this is not the rule, there are some cases when women can and do lose weight faster than men. [via]

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